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I recently got a Pony for myself ! YAY !! is a cute little boy ! :) He is so sweet, calm, kind and lovely! He actually need a NAME ! O MY RA ! I seariously need YOUR help ghouls!

So here is the thing :

  • He is blond and I really want to dye his mane and tail in a turquoise blue (Nile kind of turquoise of course!) Because to me its turquoise hair are totally freaky fabulous(Lady Gaga !) But then I brought Nefera and I LOVED HER HAIR COLOR. So I said to myself why not dying my new pony hair with Black streaks ( Nefera style ;D)
  • SO I need a __________ De Nile name for him !! Please help me I would like to give him an egyptian name + De Nile ! But I have no ideas at all ! please HELP ME TO FIND HIM A NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to summit as many namesas you want !!! I might chose yours !! :)

OH and by the way I will upload pictures of him before and after his De Nile transformation for you!! :)

Hakim J. !xox!

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Sobek , Hours ,Orisis , Set ( Shall I countuie )

Resheph. Originally a Canaanite god of war and plague, but became popular in Egypt under the reign of Amenhotep II and became a god of horses and chariots.

Or if your looking for more uh, horse related names, maybe naming him after a type of wind? Khamaseen's a good one.

i have a question your dyeing a REAL ponies hair?

 I know , eygptology is my life for example I spenan hour every day praticing hieroglyphics ) could name him Shu , Geb, Anbuis ,  Thoth , Bes, Khonsu , Apophis , Ra

Apparently there's an entire market for this sort of thing. You can even buy special body paint for horses.

Cattzie~Ninja x) said:

i have a question your dyeing a REAL ponies hair?

As someone who actually owns horses, I find the act of dying them to be borderline inhumane...

I have to agree with Made This Way .

Just let the horse stay the way he is (color wise).  Many counties still actually consider it inhumane anyway and if yours is one of those, they will take the horse away from you.


Also, is this an actual pony or is it a young horse aka a colt?

As long as the dye isn't harmful to the pony i'm all for a pony with some color or maybe just large bows or clip ins? LOL just giving  options. seems theres a bunch of normies that want to keep things normal lol for your pony.

I own two horses of my own and also know of a site where you can get colorful extensions for your horse or pony. Here are some Egyptian names for ya : AEGYPTUS, of the black country 

AKAR, victorious or, viper; killer.

AMENKNO, a gatekeeper.

 Here is the site where i got them from... Hope I helped!


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