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I have a couple DC Superhero Girls dolls and one WWE Superstar doll and Im having the hardest time finding shoes for them.  I already tried MH, EAH, Descendants, and Hasbro Disney Princess shoes and only the low cut Descendants heels fit(kinda). Anyone know other recent doll brands that have big feet?

I heard Moxie teens might work and MC2 but I dont have any, Id have to look for some on eBay.

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Hello, mechagirl,

I WAS gonna say, "What about Marisol Coxi?", but you said that you'd already tried MH, anyway. LOL!

Would you prefer actual DC shoes, or are you just looking for ANY shoes that'll fit your dolls' feet? I barely ever even SEE my DC Super Hero Girls dolls, as they are currently packed away in my room, and I think that there's at LEAST one pair of Harley Quinn tennis shoes that I don't want anymore. I'll need to check my "Thrift Shop-bound" doll stash, but I'm almost sure that there's a pair or so of shoes that I'm getting rid of.

The local thrift shop doesn't really like taking plastic products, anyway, so, if I'm right about the shoes, I'd be willing to sell them to you for only a dollar, plus S&H. I'd charge only a dollar for any other pairs of shoes that you might want, 'cause, when it comes to the DC Super Hero Girls, I always have one devil of a time with the putting on and the taking off of SHOES! I'm thinking that I may have a pair or so of Wonder Woman boots that I don't want anymore, either.

I'd be sending everything from the P.O. Box address to any preferred mailing address of yours, and I'd combine shipping costs, should you want more than one pair of shoes.

If you want shoes OTHER than the DC Super Hero Girls shoes, I have one pair of MC2 heels that I don't want (Brown-eyed blondie's "sugar-sanded" strappy heel shoes). If I were you, though, I'd look at online pics of the NON-DC shoes, and of some MC2 feet....BEFORE I bought any of those shoes, just in case. I don't want you to have to get something that's NOT gonna work.

Well, I hope that you're able to find what you're looking for, and I'll check the garage for those shoes tomorrow.

Disappears into a shadow

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

thanks Wolfie!

I already have a few boots from 2 of my DC superhero dolls(2 pairs of yellow boots from Batgirl and a pair of yellow roller skates and Supergirl's red boots) and a pair of black boots from my one lone WWE doll. What Id really love is heels or sandals for when I decide to dress the girls in dresses or skirts. There are a few loose shoes on eBay but none are those neat heels that came in the fashion pack sets guess everyone got to those already. Im thinking of buying the Eva Marie doll just for those neat strappy sandals but I feel dumb paying 10 bucks just for shoes though I guess I could also use her pants and top.

I found some white Ken shoes that fit too, they kinda work as those casual tieless sneaks that are kinda popular now

I have two Mc2 Ember dolls but I have them unboxed in storage. Guess I should break them out to see if they fit.

I wish Mattel would stop making these dolls with such big feet, stick to one size please! Or make shoes packs dammit!


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