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I guess this is sort of low- rent.. a project that didnt turn out like i wanted it to, but it will suffice. So in the spirit of "me" i took some funny pics of D'Laura. hope you like! the lighting suck in my dining room and it was already dark outside..


Plastic canvas, yarn, velcro, felt ric-rac, satin, andthin cushion foam. and tacky glue. i hate this stuff. everything i use it on looks like crap. this newer plastic canvas is a lot flimsier than what i remember using about 12 years ago. oh well!! My daughter loves it and thats all that counts i guess :) I had everythin except for the colors of yarn and the foam, so ... really if you only count the stuff i hjad to buy and  estimate the price of the plastic canvas foam and yarn i used, this cost me about $2 or less.


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Wow! That was crafty of you! Super cute. 

p.s. love the pic of Draculaura on her head. lolz.

Wow!  Good job!

I like how the liner turned out.

You even got a little heart on the bat. Cute!


Wow, it looks GREAT!! :D I think it is better than her actual Mattel bed! This looks far better :) I would totally buy this.

That is awesome!

Aww thank you so much !!!

Nice! I love the picture where she's on her head. XD

This is really cute! I love it! I was curious if you have a pattern? I'd love to have a few of my own :)

I love that you took the time to tuft the mattress! It looks great.

That is amazing!  Do you have a tutorial or tips for anyone wanting to make one of their own?  :)

hiya folks! My kids have since outgrown these dolls... even though i still like them! How i made this was i downloaded and printed out a coffin box pattern. they are all over the internet, google coffin box pattern and then click images. Find one you are happy with... and get some plastic canvas. you might have to lengthen it to fit your doll... then i basically cut rectangles out for the sides inthe length according to my pattern and width i needed for the doll to fit in with room for foam( which is what i made the cushion out of) the top and botom was the tricky part for plastic canvas. just try to find a good compromise when cutting it diagonally. Then i stitched each piece then assembled it. used fabric tack glue to affix the felt under the lid and the bat i just cut out... i used some silky material i had laying around and two pieces of thin seat foam, made the sides of the thinner foam and layed the fabric over it and then i just sewed like an ADD animal til i got enough tufts into it and tied it off... I hope that helps!

oh and the heart was an extra piece i put on because i had a plastic canvas heart shape available....

Thank you for all the tips.  How did you do the interior where she sleeps?  Is that the hand stitched part, or did you use a glue technique to make it look like it has cushion?  What kind of fabric did you use?  I must make one of these for my Draculaura I love it!


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