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I'm sick of MISC photos on this site! *RANT* Your opinions please?

I'm mad. Very mad.

     People keep posting these photos that have nothing to do with monster high! I've seen cousins, peoples vacations, pets ect. I'm very mad about this. I'm not hating, I'm just saying that MHDs is a place for Monster high lovers to unite and chat for their love of the brand. Not a place to post your bloody photos of relatives! That's what FaceBook, Photobucket, ect is for!

     I try to tell people to post their misc photos elsewhere, as this is a site for Monster High. I have been obliquely called a dumb @#$%(*&^%$#@! and that I "Have the brain the size of a peanut."** I'm entitled to my opinion, thank you very much! I have been called those things because I'm trying to stop spam/misc photos. I've also gotten a comment, and quote, "Thanks for hating on my photos! I will now go hate all of yours!"

     I'm tired of this. Really, I am. I'm not going to quit MHDs or anything, but I'm just trying to stop the bloody unrelated photos.I've been called names for sharing my opinion and trying to rid a fan site of wrong pics.

     I want YOUR opinions. Do you think this site should allow misc photos? I think it should. I mean, the person should atLEAST be wearing a Monster High costume! Am I right, or do you disagree? I thank you for looking and reading this.


** Obviously, I don't have a brain the size of a pea, because i take a grade level above mine in math, and all of my classes are for smarter people, AKA gifted classes. I also take an additional gifted literature class. All 'A' student too. NOW, who are you calling pea(nut) brain, {Insert Username here}?

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I have my pitchfork and stand at the ready with you (jk)

I don't mind seeing a cute puppy now and then.  However this is a MH forum and the photo rules are specifically only MH photos.  I know I saw an announcement stating there was no photo mod at the current time.  If someone does not begin modding the photos again it's not just going to be an occasional dog or stepdad.  It's going to consume the photo page.  Not to mention photos are supposed to have proper titles and some are coming in without a title at all.  To me the problem is not a random dog pic showing up, but if the pics are not being monitored, much worse pics can slip through and there are children on this site.  It would be horrible for graphic content pics finding their way in.  I understand some people may be new (whatever) and may not know the photo rules, but when they get rude and belligerent when you try to explain them, then it becomes more than a simple misunderstanding or lack or rule knowledge.  So yes I don't want to see a pic of your father's brother's niece's boyfriend's sister's baby daddy's pet guinea pig............

i totally agree. if i wanted to see your "oh so cute dog" or you and your  favorite cousin, I would have joined Facebook. This site is called 'Monster High Dolls' for a reason so sorry but your moms aunts friends bosses sons grandmas moms sons daughters boyfriends  ex girlfriends other ex boyfriends moms babies dads cat will have to go somewhere else

I think it makes sense to have only MH photos on a MH site but there's no reason to be upset about it, an easy solution is to simply not click on random photos.

*grabs speaker phone* Lets go angry mob!!! >:D

But seriously, first you take away the non-base rule and the creator rules. And those are monster high related.

But it's apparently 'okay' to see misc pictures of people and scenery and pets etc! That's what facebook is for, we really don't care. Sorry :/

I'm glad y'all agree. I've got my torches, LET'S GO! XDDD

Thank you for your opinions.

@ oslapedo

Not meaning to be rude, but I simply click on the MISC photos to ask the posters to not post their misc photos. I don't really look at the photo. I just comment, then leave. :3



I, too, think that such pictures do not belong here. 

I have read a mod's thread about how "pictures that have nothing to do with MH should be kept to a minimum"- I'm guessing that doesn't happen? (I never browse the pictures part... I'm here for the forum only XD)

I agree very much. Photo MOD should take care of this but it seems LadyNisa (new photo MOD)is not.

Indeed, wolves are awesome! XD

*le sigh* Another MISC photo. Of  a dog. Again. *Grabs pitchfork* Mwuahahahaha. What? Oh...Hi there. Uh, Nevermind. XD

I mean, i don't care if MISC photos are posted, as long as they are in a discussion, like this one, and are in the category "Everything Else!"

But, really, when they're posted on the phtots tab, it annoys me.


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