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I Love Shoes Cleo order = CANCELLED! Abysmal ending to a depressing day! :( :( :(


As some of you know, I recently ordered a fairly well-priced I Love Shoes Cleo de Nile doll online, and I was excited about receiving her!

Well, I have been having a depressing time lately (Injuries that I foolishly created, injuries that snuck up on me, injuries that I had been dealing with, boyfriend issues, general issues, etc. I am a mess right now....), but when I ordered that Cleo doll, I felt confident that I'd at least be able to look forward to something that might be good!

After all, she was being sold by one person (I buy from individual sellers, and not from general companies, unless I'm buying from someplace like Kmart or Wal*Mart. I am no stranger to receiving the wrong item, so I don't just buy from general companies anymore.), and she was priced reasonably, and the seller even had a really good rating!  : O

So, now, after having ordered her, I find out that the freaking seller doesn't even have her in stock? Am I a fool for assuming that these doll salespeople are not on crack? Un-freaking-believable!

Oh, but you haven't heard the best part! Before I even made my epic decision about which online Cleo to buy, I contacted this person, asking if they'd be willing to make sure that the doll looked good, should I want it. This person said that they'd be willing to cooperate with me, and then, at the last minute, I decided to just take my chances and buy that doll. I didn't even contact the seller after I had hit the "Purchase" button, because I was confident about my choice, anyway, and I decided that the hairstyle, the makeup colors, and the outfit were all worth it, even if the eyes did turn out to be wonky.

I guess that I can add "Do you really, truly have this particular doll in stock?" should be added to any questions that I might feel totally compelled to ask anyone who might potentially sell a doll to me.

When I was growing up, the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason." was taught to me, but in this case, it seems as though the reason for this Cleo not being in stock is so that the entire situation can torture me.   :(

I'm sorry about being so negative. I had recently promised myself that I was going to try like mad to be a more natural, positive, calm person, and I am already failing miserably, so....tomorrow is a new day, I guess.

I'm not gonna give that seller a sunny review, though. That's for sure! It's not as though I just didn't read something thoroughly enough, or anything like that.

I am going to have to be hyper aware from now on. Totes inconvenient, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I hope to heck that none of you are having to deal with this situation from any online salesperson, because it's a real....witch. LOL!

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I just realized that the seller has a worse rating than I realized, but, at the time, I wrote down that they had a good rating, so either I messed up, or they ticked off a lot of people between then and now!  :  O

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Sounds like they got a better offer rather than "oops, screwed up our stock".

Happens unfortunately, some sellers are greedy and have no integrity. Used to happen with Makies all the time, this one cow would sweep in and send private offers to the seller to buy stuff from under other people's noses so the seller would then cancel the sale with another person and sell to her for megabucks.

You give em hell man! I remember when I bought a really nicely priced Pullip and the person pulled out all "oh I accidentally relisted" (yeah sure, and it took you a week to notice? Unlikely.) and I just KNEW they'd been offered more and decided they'd rather have more money than integrity so I left them absolutely scathing feedback calling them a liar and a con artist hah. I was SO MAD.

I was really looking forward to that damn doll and it took them like 5 hours from the point I bought and paid to cancel and tell me "oh I don't have it."

mm hmmm.

I hope you find an even better doll soon! What a jerk of a seller.


Thank you for you kind words, Monkfish, but....this gets even weirder

The seller just contacted me, saying that because I had inquired about the face of the doll, and they had realized that one eye was a bit smudged, they were being considerate of me by pulling the listing.

I am now feeling a mixture of incredulity and guilt. I had gone ahead and ordered the doll, even after my e-mail exchange about the fact that I wanted a really nice doll, but I had assumed that the seller had taken my order to mean that I was willing to accept the doll, no matter what, because it was the only one that was for sale from them!  : O

Couldn't they have contacted me right after they had seen my order status, in order to ask me personally weather or not I wanted to cancel my order, in light of Cleo's smudged eye? I mean, how tough would that have been? They seriously just removed the listing entirely, rather than contact me? Where the hooey is the communication here? Lost is what it is! OMG!

I probably won't buy the doll from him now, anyway, but I may go back on my bad feedback....I can't decide....After all, they claimed that they were trying to be considerate of me....

My epic mistake came when I bothered to inquire about the face of a doll that was being sold by someone who only had one of them. I should only ask that type of a question to people who have more than one doll to sell, or O should make sure that a person with one doll can for sure send me a picture before I choose which doll I want to buy.

UPDATE: I removed the negative feedback, but only because the seller had claimed that they were trying to be considerate of me. I doubt that I'll buy from them again, though.

Next time, I'll ask for an image of a single doll just before I order it, in order to avoid miscommunication, and so that I can decide weather or not I truly want to hit that "Purchase" button.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I dunno, sounds fishy to me. I wouldn't trust them. I think they're just trying to do damage control because they know you're mad and they dont' want negative feedback.

I hope you find a perfect cleo soon.

Hello, Monkfish,

I'll just keep looking, but I'm not going to deal with this seller again, even though they said that they hope that I'll shop with them again.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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