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I just learned about King Tut's parentage....and about how he died.... :(


Being a fan of Cleo de Nile, I decided to watch a brand new science show about King Tut. I learned that his father was the "rebel pharaoh", and that we still don't know the identity of his mother.

I also learned some really, really sad facts about his death, and about his family. Apparently, all of that royal inbreeding meant that the two kids that he had with his sister died as premies (Marfan's Syndrome), and that he himself had a progressive bone disease, and a lower thigh fracture, and that he died because of the bone disease....and the worst form of Malaria known to humankind!

The poor guy was only nineteen! I remember having to get a shot in the butt cheek for a severe bout with Strep at that age (My fever was almost 103, and I was so feverish that I was making absolutely no sense), but I can't imagine having been sick enough to die at that age!

His father was the "revolutionary" pharaoh, opting to worship one god instead of many, but, in all other ways, he was traditional, and nobody could save his family from the genetic issues that stemmed from their one fateful practice of taking each other as royal spouses.  :(

I have nothing against the fact that that was tradition, but how totally sad for those poor royals! I mean, they really suffered for no good reason (well, no good reason on a physical level, because those birth defects never had to occur like that).   :(

I sometimes wonder what Tut would say if he could come back to life now....and realize how famous he still is! I think that he could've been a good king....if his health had been given a chance....

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 

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Oh. I meant to say that they have actually found the mummy that was King Tut'"mummy" (LOL! Sorry....I couldn't reisist), but that they don't know her actual identity, with regard to her name and history.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Wolfie, I love Ancient Egypt.

If you take into account Nefera and Cleo's names, they don't belong to the same historical period. Nefera's name is inspired by Nefertiti (supposed Mother of Tut but she had only daughters...Tut as you call him! lol). Cleopatra on the other hand is the last Pharaoh and was not even Egyptian, she was of Greek descent!

Ancient Egypt is fascinating!

History in general...

By the way, I don't think our "Royals" in Europe were that much better in the middle ages. They also had genetic issues even if not as bad!

Be a peasant and be happy, die young and healthy!!! lol

wow fascinating facts, so sad too, I love Ancient Egypt too it's so fascinating and interesting, I also am very interested in Tudor History, there's been a lot of fascinating times before us in history and a lot have lived really sad and hard lives too, not a lot lived long due to medical not being as top notch as it is now.

I love the Tudors too. And our "Damned Kings" dynasty in France (very linked to English history... it led to the 100 years war...). The historical novel the "Damned kings" is brilliant and fascinating. I read that this book inspired the writer of Game of Thrones! (I think it is called the "accursed kings" in English).

I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt when I was a child. I loved all the Gods and mythology. Then I saw Cleopatra with Elisabeth Taylor on tv. lol  It has been a shock for the little girl that I was! (I have admired Elisabeth Taylor since that day!) I had a historical book about Cleopatra. Then I checked the previous dynasties.

Nefertiti and Tut's father reformed the religion in Egypt. They worshiped only one God, the Solar disc. They changed the capital of Egypt too. There have been rumours that Tut was assassinated by the Priests of Amon who wanted to regain their full power. Nothing has been proved!

I have been very delighted to see the famous bust of Nefertiti in the Egyptian museum in Berlin. Very beautiful!

I love Game Of Thrones it's quite shocking yes but a good show none the less despite the gore, heavy sexual scenes and other controversial moments in the show, it is said to be based upon early Tudor history well some of it some characters are loosely based on historical figures none the less. 

I was a little obsessed too, I love Cleopatra, the movie with Elizabeth Taylor is a very long but good one, Cleopatra was the first Egyptian Queen I learned about.

Nefertiti was quite a fascinating queen, very beautifully ruling, wow the famous bust how lucky were you?

I went to an Egyptian Museum in London years ago but I'll be happy to visit again as I was only 11 and can't remember much but I did see two real mummy bodies plus a lot of mummies in tombs so interesting to see them all.

Nefertiti's bust is in Berlin. It is easier to go there than to Egypt (even if one is more exciting than the other!). Berlin is an interesting city to visit. Lots of "indie" stuff, art and music, bars. I went there a while ago, it might have changed (I hope not!)

The British Museum and the Louvre have a good Egyptian section too.  This is the link about "The Accursed kings" and "Game of Thrones". I love that book and I am pleased (and pleasantly surprised) that Game of Thrones was inspired from this (and the War of the Roses and the Tudors and probably more historical periods). It is so unexpected that an American writer would be inspired by a French one not so famous in English speaking countries.

The books and show are violent and cruel but it was like this in these times. Absolutely atrocious! The tortures in the show are not an exaggeration!


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