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It's been posted in another thread that a seller on ebay posted Rochelle and Luna for the Freak Du Chic line, but further along the listing was an I Heart Fashion Iris Clops!

The goodies --->

(I recommend you see more listings by this same seller for a surprise~)

Not sure if I can post the images as it's early but the link is ok, maybe just one picture then? >_>;

On another note, it does not show any additional accessories or clothing options, let alone a box!

How does everyone feel so far about her?

I like her already, very alike to her recent comic counter-part I've seen!

Nice and colourful too!

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Love her, looking forward to seeing her in person (& seeing which 2 characters join her in the release)

shes darling! love that olive green/brown hair!

She's cute. The only thing I don't like is the way her hair is styled. Oh well, I still love the doll, and will buy her when she comes out.

Source : MonsterHighDM

I have already noted this: the green of the head is different from that of the body

this difference of color makes me believe that it is the same Iris as that shown at eBay. This should actually be the prototype.
By cons, The following Elissabat is not a prototype but an "other" version can be found now in store ! Everything was beautiful before I discovered this Elissabat with her row of teeths * ugh *

Also, the mold of her face preproduction was a thousand times more beautiful :(

Why such a difference ?

at least the final release usually looks mostly like the prototype in terms of hair and accessories and outfits. Unlike SOME companies... *cough cough MGA.. cough*

Source : MonsterHighDM

I find her really pretty

MonsterHighDM posted a video (i haven't the link, sorry).

Iris has a necklace ! ^^

Here's the link

It's in German but you don't need to be able to understand hehaha.

Looks like we have two outfits from the graphic novel and a more generic one. Plus a cute necklace with a winged eyeball on it.

New photo of Iris, Amanita (bis), Bunny & Alistar, Way Too Wonderland girls and… new Raven ? 

I LOVE her! The dress is very psychedelic. Too bad I can't find Cleo and Venus though. I REALLY want those two but do not want to overpay for those two just so I can have them.

About Tai Sook Fuli, more images of Iris (full Outfit !) :

NB : Picture Day Lagoona's Belt ?


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