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It's been posted in another thread that a seller on ebay posted Rochelle and Luna for the Freak Du Chic line, but further along the listing was an I Heart Fashion Iris Clops!

The goodies --->

(I recommend you see more listings by this same seller for a surprise~)

Not sure if I can post the images as it's early but the link is ok, maybe just one picture then? >_>;

On another note, it does not show any additional accessories or clothing options, let alone a box!

How does everyone feel so far about her?

I like her already, very alike to her recent comic counter-part I've seen!

Nice and colourful too!

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I love her! Her outfit and accessories are so neat...I especially love her shoes :3 

Absolutely!! A very nice example of the dolls being even better than the great art work.

I'm not surprised, fully expected her.  I don't love Iris, but I'm glad people who want her get this chance.  I also adore her winking shoes.

OOOhhh I cant wait to get her. Arnt they gonna release moe I Love Fashion Cleo's & Venus'? Ive already got them but I saw them bot at Toys R Us one time,they sold out pretty fast & now its back to Wydowna & Scarah...Although I did see one Clawdeen last night...Im still waiting for a I Love fashion Manster!!!

oh my gosh she is gorgeous

I hope one of the other outfits features constellation patterns~

MH team slays me once again.

I love Ghoul Fair Draculaura, like literally love everything about her. Heath looks a little plain, but that Freak du Chic Rochelle is amazing!!! Can't wait!

It's not Draculaura, it's Elissabat.

totally expected her too, so not surprised at all. We already know she's gonna have a purple tailleur as a second outfit and meowlody's boots. I'm glad she's getting a second release, the only thing i don't like about her is that all her accessory are a total uncoordinated mess colorwise - blue shoes, green belt, black purse, pink and purple bangles? would you ever go out like that? 

also, she has too many clashing patterns on her clothes, but i'm sure it's just because she will have something plain colored in the box coming with her to better mix and match

I <3 Fashion is the greatest MH line in my opinion and the one i look forward the most every year. Can't wait to see which two characters are getting released alongside her this year

Second version of Iris. In the comic, her eye shadow was purple, here it is blue (surely not too close to the basic version). No less fringe and no big mat on the top of the head compared to her comic release. So this is not an exact copy. However, she is very cute.

For cons, I still do not understand why Iris hasn't an eyebrow at her dolls!
I think it would give her more personality.
Iris follows the same path as Widowna and Scarah: SDCC and I love Fashion. Scarah will be in her 5th version with Ghoul Fair. I hope a long career to Iris ^^

NB: Where is her necklace ??


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