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It's been posted in another thread that a seller on ebay posted Rochelle and Luna for the Freak Du Chic line, but further along the listing was an I Heart Fashion Iris Clops!

The goodies --->

(I recommend you see more listings by this same seller for a surprise~)

Not sure if I can post the images as it's early but the link is ok, maybe just one picture then? >_>;

On another note, it does not show any additional accessories or clothing options, let alone a box!

How does everyone feel so far about her?

I like her already, very alike to her recent comic counter-part I've seen!

Nice and colourful too!

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And now ... Iris in box !

Source :

Love it!

Thanks for posting the photo here, I would have missed it otherwise!

I wonder if she's going to come with another set of earrings? I hope she will, she's so sweet and she deserves them. Oh Iris, I can't wait to get you~!

Wydowna SDCC and "general public" release was the same (except for the color of her lipstick).

I wanted Iris with its classic fringe (or else a single eyebrow to dress her more than 3 outfits ^^). ... And even that's not certain she will be released in France (Venus, Cleo ... Hello ?)
Of course I find her beautiful but I'll wait perhaps a version closer to the "real" Iris, the character of the cartoon, for my first Iris. And less "stuff" in the box also means cheaper for the next version ...

But I don't say : "Fontain I never drink your water"  :)


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