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I can not believe my luck the last few weeks!!!

And here I thought I would never own any of the comic con dolls as they cost to much ....
and now I have 3 Monster High and 1 Ever After High and I only paid $105 for all of them

Cerise Wolf NIB for $80 (spent a bit on her)
Scarah for $10
Webarella for $10
Frankie for $5
Also got Nefera for $10

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How how HOW? Lol tell me your secrets!!

Woah... jealous.

Share your secrets!

jesus Christ........ you won the monster high doll loterly

That's fantastic! I'm still missing Webarella but hold out hope :)

I got them all at a flea market ... Frankie is missing a arm and someone colored her hair red :( but for $5 I do not care


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