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I have a doll themed you tube channel called kimber's dolly talk show which has my American girl doll Kimber interviewing other dolls. Make sure to check it out. 

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I will be working on restoring an American girl turly me 33 doll very soon when she is done I'm sure a name will come to me as she did not come with a name. The seller didn't tell me what they called her. She has marker marks, nail polish, maybe some stains to her vinyal and her wig is very dry. She was cheap thou and she does have near perfect eyes.

Updating to post that I've had to put on my viseos that my videos are 13 plus to stay on you tube apparently videos marked to kids are going to do wrose in AD renenue thou I haven't gotten any ads yet. Some videos are also being taken down if they are kids videos. 

Turns out you can't make any toy videos 13 plus so my channel has to stay a kids channel and I have to be careful about what I say. 


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