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Reposted from yesterday...

Woo hoo!  *happy dance*

I just snagged Venus and Robecca this morning from a SoCal Target!  I had just gone there Friday morning, and all I found were the rerelease Cupid, Lala, Spectra, and Frankie, so when I saw that the store had dolls "in stock," I was a but skeptical, but I thought I would check anyway.  There wer two Venuses, two Robeccas, one Rochelle, and one Abbey when I got there (in addition to the one Lala that was left).  Please excuse my crappy cellphone pic, but I thought I'd share. 

So start checking your local stores, happy hunting, AND GOOD LUCK!  ^_^

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Sorry but who's lala?
Lucky! When I checked they had a Rochelle on the shelf so I think they got them in but they had sold already! Sad day!

Draculaura "Lala" is her nick name,

Blobiana Jellington (blob) said:

Sorry but who's lala?

I found Venus and Rebecca at KMART.

which kmart???

VampyNapy said:

I found Venus and Rebecca at KMART.

A Kmart in California. lol

LOL. if you stop by Kmart again.. would you grab me 1 of e/a?? :-) I have Paypal!! daughter is impatient..and the stores in NY are  ahit or miss..

VampyNapy said:

A Kmart in California. lol

Closest I got to finding them today was seeing two Rochelles and one Abbey and a listing on eBay located in that specific town.

awwwww...that is close!! that means you might still find them sometime this week!!


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