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Reposted from yesterday...

Woo hoo!  *happy dance*

I just snagged Venus and Robecca this morning from a SoCal Target!  I had just gone there Friday morning, and all I found were the rerelease Cupid, Lala, Spectra, and Frankie, so when I saw that the store had dolls "in stock," I was a but skeptical, but I thought I would check anyway.  There wer two Venuses, two Robeccas, one Rochelle, and one Abbey when I got there (in addition to the one Lala that was left).  Please excuse my crappy cellphone pic, but I thought I'd share. 

So start checking your local stores, happy hunting, AND GOOD LUCK!  ^_^

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Aw noodles. :P Oh well, thanks for telling!

Doris said:

San Bernardino, Orange Show.  They're sold out there now, though.  :(

KingKamakeni said:

If you don't mind me asking, which Target did you find them at?

The only new things I found was the Werewolf sister pack (Howleen and Clawdeen).
Izzy Vondergeist said:

There was almost nothing at my Target today.. but that's expected, I guess. I think their restocking days are Thursdays but overall the store isn't too-well stocked with all the clearance going on. (I'm sure fine-toothed combs aren't a hot item these days! Only had one on the entire wall. xP)

Congrats, though~ I wasn't too sold on Robecca before seeing the sightings pics but I'm pretty sure I'll be picking her up as well.

Wow, these look amazing! I really want these so badly! :) They look beautiful 

yay no i will so be looking eep


I'm glad you re-made this. I forgot Stu is away for a week... Really Stu? You leave us during the biggest trolling of this summer?

Anyway I went hunting today, nothing was in any of the stores. The only interesting things were GR Cleo, surprisingly good looking Werecat twins, and the school playset. Otherwise there was nothing. However since I know Wun has gotten his I should be able to find mine in a week or two because whenever his area gets a new doll mine does shortly after. MH dolls seen to have a clear pattern. First they go to California, Texas, and Florida often enough and then my area of Pennsylvania shortly after.  

Congrats to all that have them (that are children and collectors only D:<) and to whoever wants them, I hope you get them soon,

Im in so cal and havent found them yet :(

Congrats again!

Yay! I'm so glad these are out now! Can't wait till they get to Florida!

Yes, you are correct!  Chicago does a very lousy job.  For such a big city, they should do better. 
Lillian Gracey said:

I am hoping to get them this week, but Chicago sucks when it comes to distribution.

I realize we all worry about trolls who use this site to visit stores and wipeout the inventory, but for me personally this site has been invaluable in finding the dolls for my daughter. My thanks in posting the sighting in SoCal - i went out yesterday evening and got the last Venus and Robecca from the Target in Moorpark CA. I would've never swung by if you hadn't given me the heads up - thanks again!!! My daughter is thrilled!!!

Thanks for all the congrats, y'all!  I congratulate those of you who have also found Venus and/or Robecca, and for those of you who haven't yet, I'm rooting for you!  I know it can be frustrating; just ask my boyfriend, who had to deal with my moods when I was searching for Operetta!  >D  But don't give up, and especially don't give in to the you-know-whats! 

Went to 4 different So. Cal Targets today:


Manhattan Beach - nothing

Carson - nothing, but they had LOTS of the Howleen/Clawdeen twin pack (like 6 of them)

Torrance - nothing

San Pedro - Venus + Robecca, YES!!  And best of all, when I bought them, they charged NO TAX (price was $20.99 each out the door).  They only had one of each, which I bought unfortunately.



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