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I have permanent marker on draculaura's cheek for like months and I tried to remove it but I can't. I use nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, water and soap, expo marker, and window cleaner. They didn't work. Help please

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As far as my suggestion, alcohol or a few hints of acetone. It won't be easy, but give it your best!

How on earth did you manage that?
Anyway I read on a doll page that Acne cream with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide works to remove ink from vinyl. Generously apply to the area and leave in the sun for a few hours, wash it off and repeat till gone. 

The above poster is correct but sometimes if the stain is really bad you may need to keep the cream on the stain for days or a week or so to fully remove the stain.

you can also use butter. pop a chunk of butter on the affected area and pop her in the sun. can take a day or two depending on the stain.

Butter works fine. its been used for a very long time by toy collectors. particularly well on My Little ponies.a good clean after and its fine.

Just looked it up, yeah, apparently butter is used to get ink out of vinyl all the time, but it has to be salted butter.

ive done it many times. works a treat!

i've used butter on a very badly stained doll (Ink I think). It faded it slightly but didn't lift it, but then again, she is like.. half freaking BLUE and has been for probably a decade. so it's very very leached in.

Failing removal, there's always the "paint over it" option. you can use very watered down paint as like a foundation.


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