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246976_234990169850805_100000194727307_1146540_4746612_s.jpg                                                  I want the set sooo badly! good thing my bday is soon,August 2. dont they look so cute together?

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Oh! lol I dotn check my e-mail at all lol!
Bridget Albrecht said:
she doesnt check her email much.she is only 10.

Violet Fox said:
Then why didnt you e-mail it to her?  BTW Im not trying to be negative

Bridget Albrecht said:

it is a big deal to me,mostly i posted for my cousin who hasnt seen the shut up,OK?
Wishing whales said:
Almost everybody has seen those pics not a big deal anymore
Clawd Wolf now in TRU! ! Is this true?


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