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I finally picked up the "Man Bun" Male Fashionista (#13) tonight in Wal*Mart. He was the only one that they had, and his eyes aren't great, but he is a handsome guy! I still want a few more male Fashionistas, and I can't decide which female Fashionista / Made-to-Move will be "Man Bun's" girlfriend

Interestingly enough, he and the MtM Skateboarder look a lot alike, so they might become either brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend. At any rate, they will be called "Bo" and "Jenna".

I'm going to want to limit my consumption of these Fashionista and MtM dolls, due to space constraints, but, even so, there are some of the upcoming dolls that I really want!

Oh, and Mattel needs to make a tall, freckle-faced redheaded Fashionista, because I need a modern-day Pippi Longstocking doll!  LOL! :)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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