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As the title states, I bought a DOTD Lagoona and want to get her hair back to perfect condition. Its not in TERRIBLE shape but not what it once was. Ive done little hair work and wanted to know if there is anyone who does doll hair "professionaly"? I could send the doll to, they do the hair and ship back? Looking for some options, in any direction. Thanks

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what is wrong with it?

The amazing, Rey Hernandez, redid the hair on DOTD Lagoona and it's stunning.

If you scroll down the comments you'll find the instructions on how it was done. It's not for the meek of heart!!

Hello,,, The mohawks have been compromised. Looks as if the front little piece of hair that is supposed to not be in the mohawk is in the mohawk and the back hairs are one big ponytail. The doll is in transit to me and ill post a pic when I get her. That doll by Mr. Hernandez is beautiful, I cant imagine the work into that one. I would like to get this doll as close to the "stock look" as possible. Ill try to find that video,,, thanks for the help

Here's the DOTD Lagoona I repaired. 
I was lucky that her mohawk was still in the original style (just collapsed) her pony tail was all matted and horrible, her fringe was also in a braid but I was able to use warm water and comb it back straight. 
But with some warm water and fabric softener I was able to get her curls back and just used my fingers to squeeze the mohawk back into it's style without adding anything to it. There must have been enough glue in the hair to just retain the shape with a little help 


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