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I was just wondering if anybody has spotted these three (preferably Venus) in the US and more so In or around Ohio? Thanks!

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I got today one Wydowna in TRU in Greenville, NC in mint condition box. They had only 2 of them. My husband called them and they held one for us. It was on sale (20 dollars) and this sale ends on 24th. I was surprised that Scarah and Clawdeen were still 30 dollars each even though they are from the 2nd wave.

I found Wydowna at Toys R Us in southern Wisconsin last Sunday..there were two. I was totally shocked that I actually beat our local scalpers! I think I paid about $24.oo for her. :)

I have been looking everywhere for ILF Venus and Cleo in stores ever since they started being spotted in early-mid 2014 and STILL no luck.  I have even looked in the biggest city in our state.  Has anyone in the US found them lately?  I am losing hope of finding them and I don't like to buy online, plus Cleo is at a ridiculous price and I refuse to pay double her value for her... :(  Please let me know what city and state you found them in if you have.  I would appreciate the help.  Thank you.

I've been seeing them in Tigard, OR. Pretty much every TRU I can access has them.

But watch now that I say that they sell out........

I saw them at Meridian, MS and Chattanooga, TN. Both on clearance.

I'm in Texas, and we have tons of Wydowna, I bought Venus on, and I cannot find Cleo anywhere except a few on Amazon and eBay that are $40+. The TRU I go to finally sold out of Clawdeen, and there were only 3 Scarahs, so I'm hoping Cleo turns up soon. And at my TRU, Scarah and Clawdeen were only $17.98, and they've been that price online as well for months now.

Thank you everyone for the help.  I am hopeful that mine will finally get some soon.  I have been wanting these two for awhile, but I'm not paying scalpers for them and I hate ordering online due to wonk eyes.  ><;;;


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