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Well i know everyone isnt on the east coast of the US like I am but if you are the huricane is comming! (if it isnt already where you are) so if im not online for a while thats probabaly because our power might be out and we have no wifi! >_>  Stay safe peeps and Happy Halloween

AD out! Peace!

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Be safe! I hope everyone is ok after the storm passes!

Well my family stocked up on food, batteries, flashlights and water. And we live in a hill so we won't need to worry too much about floods, school is canceled for my and my sis on Monday and tuesday. But there could always be a blackout! So we better stay snug in our house
Ther have been a few power outages but forget that

I live in the Netherlands, but I have seen the newsreports in my country.

I hope nobody got hurt and everyone is safe!

Heyyy who invited that tree into your house. BAD TREE!! BAAAAD TREE!
We are all safe, the power is out and in lucky to have this connection my iPhone, I'll post pics of the tree when the power comes back on, so I might have to wait like ten days or so.


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