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I have been searching for months for the boy dolls to add to my 5 year old daughter's collection. She has a bunch of the girls already, and over the last month or two even scored a Cupid, Scaris Duece and today got a Gigi at a TRU. For the life of me I can't find a Clawd, Holt or Gil anywhere, or even a Talia (sp?). Do they even ship them anymore? I've been looking for at least the Sweet 1600 Clawd since I know the other versions are probably harder to find. I'm trying to fill in the holes for Christmas, but I'm doubting I'll run across them anywhere and I definitely won't pay the secondary market prices for a doll she is gonna rip out of a box and play with. Can anyone point me in the right direction or help me out with these!? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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You might want to try walmart on Black Friday i heard they were going to have 1600 dolls. I don't know if they will get clawd in but you can try since the dolls will only be 10 dollars. They might be missing a few pieces thou since the classroom Black Friday dolls were missing 2 things. They might take out the dresses and keys and make the package smaller.

would be worth it if they did. she has a tendancy to lose pieces anyway. Ill watch for that too. thanks

My trade pile is gone, but I am still looking for the following at REASONABLE prices. I dont care if they are foreign boxes, either, but preferably unopened and in great condition.

Lagoona w/ pet

Cleo & Deuce 2-pack w/ pets

Toralei w/ pet

Holt Hyde w/ pet

I finally got her shelves set up in her room and she is going to be thrilled to see them when she gets her later this week! Even the bathroom stuff :)

OMG!!! Love that shower curtain. Where did you find that!

At Target. You cant see them in the pic, but she also has the beach towel, bath towel and hand towels that go with it :P

And her bed is done! Just need those last few dolls to finish the pet set *hint hint*

Thanks. These pics are so pretty. Going to Target now.

collectoons said:

And her bed is done! Just need those last few dolls to finish the pet set *hint hint*


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