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I have been searching for months for the boy dolls to add to my 5 year old daughter's collection. She has a bunch of the girls already, and over the last month or two even scored a Cupid, Scaris Duece and today got a Gigi at a TRU. For the life of me I can't find a Clawd, Holt or Gil anywhere, or even a Talia (sp?). Do they even ship them anymore? I've been looking for at least the Sweet 1600 Clawd since I know the other versions are probably harder to find. I'm trying to fill in the holes for Christmas, but I'm doubting I'll run across them anywhere and I definitely won't pay the secondary market prices for a doll she is gonna rip out of a box and play with. Can anyone point me in the right direction or help me out with these!? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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The original/Wave 2 and 1600 Clawd, along with SS Gil and Wave 1 Holt are not being shipped anymore. However there is a new Music Festival Clawd/Draculaura 2pk that's exclusive to Kmart and is out now. A new version of Gil will be released with the Target exclusive Dance Class 5pk within the next couple months and a new swim class Holt will be released soon and is an exclusive to Justice.

I dont have any Kmarts nearby, and never heard of Justice. I was hoping to find a single Gil since she doesnt need multiples of the same doll (in different clothes). I did see pics of the Holt online so that will be helpful when the new one is released. I dont mind getting the Music Festival 2-pack, though she has Draculaura already with the wings. I have an extra Gigi I picked up when I get hers to hopefully trade towards one of the others she needs. I saw pics of the Abbey & Heath 2-pack also, but dont know where those will be exclusive too, and Im very disappointed the Webarella is only for SDCC because she loved that thing. Not paying that kind of money for a toy thatll eventually be mangled :)

There are no other options for a single Gil than buying him on the secondary market. He goes for over $100. Lots of people would love to get their hands on him, including me. ;)


Sweet 1600 Clawd goes for close to $100. The Forbitten Love 2pack with Clawd and Draculaura (Clawds signature release) goes for as much or more as the others listed here.


Your only options for now are to buy them as detailed above - Clawd in the Music Festival 2pack, Gil in the Dance Class 5pack, and Holt whenever his Swim Class version is released.


Abbey & Heath (as far as I know) aren't exclusive, but they are only being sold at Toys R Us right now. Walmart and Target haven't stocked them yet in most (or all) areas.  

Abbey and Heath aren't exclusive to any store. They have been showing up in Toys R Us first it seems, but my friend and I just found them at Target today.
Justice is a girls clothing store in most malls. Their prices are a tad high in my opinion, but they're always running 40% off sales and if you catch them at the right time, you can add an additional 20% off along with the 40%. They usually stock dolls online too, so if you don't have one nearby then you can still get the exclusives online.
I completely understand about not wanting to buy an entire 5pk for one doll. I only want the dance class Rochelle, so I'm still debating whether to just buy one reasonably on eBay or buy the whole pack and sell off or trade the others.

well, if anyone sees a Clawd or Heath 2-pack at retail I'd be happy to pay for the item and s&h to get it here. I know I havent seen either and probably wont because all the boy dolls never hit the shelves around here. I was lucky to have someone find a Scaris case with the Duece. I may get the Dance Class 5-pack if I see one since my girl only has the Robecca doll from that set, and there is a Justice at our local mall so maybe I'll catch a Holt there (though I'd rather her have the one with more than just swim trunks on ;)

I just bought the Clawd and Draculaura forbitten love two pack! Might be interested in selling it :)

Forbitten Love? Not music festival? I'd be interested in buying it. Let me know how much you're asking!

Yeah the Forbitten Love one! :)

Spherogirl said:

Forbitten Love? Not music festival? I'd be interested in buying it. Let me know how much you're asking!

I'd love to get my little girl that one, Its so much better than the Music Festival ones but I cant see paying too much for something she is gonna open and play with. :(

If you are in the UK Argos is going to be selling Sweet 1600 soon so you may be able to get Clawd. I'm desperate to get one for my collection.

Im not in the UK but Id be very willing to pay the retail price plus the s&h to send it here to the USA if it is going to stores over there. That would finally be 1 off my list!

@Zombalina: yeah, Ive been watching the site for that one for when it is available again. Id prefer the one with the beret and solo since she already has the Draculaura with the wings, but I'd get a 2-pack if I catch one in a store. Already ordered her the dance class 5-pack for Xmas, and scored a Scaris Deuce from a Target and a Cupid at a Walmart. Just trying to get her the nicer designs but will sub in newer ones and maybe find alternate outfits for them. As for Justice, I have 2 stores with my name and number so the moment they get those I'll have 1 for my princess. :)



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