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Okay, since almost no rp has been posted in ages, I have decided to save the day and make a normal RP.

Usually this would be private, but hey, things are always more interesting with more people. The name is from a Fall Out Boy song "Hum Hallelujah" cause it just reminds me of high school idk XD

The theme is a normal school day, for newer ocs or so its the first day, I guess.

There are rules, though.


1. Use correct grammar, please.

2. No god-modding. Seriously, its annoying as hell.

3.Ask before joining.

4. If you RP in different perspectives, please always state who's perspective it is, or if it is Third PoV.

5. Have fun! I do accept pretty much anything in RPs, from swearing to violence, but just don't go too far!



Spectra A. Yelps




Well, that's all I guess. Whoever joins first can begin :)

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Mystic walks to her locker all slouchy, and tries to get her voice ready for choir. She sees Cami and tries to sit up, but cant. "You don't even want to know how much my parents argue. I cant even get enough sleep to start the day!? Plus I have choir. My grades are going to be low. How have you been?"

((Well I'm Cami, I'll add more OCs later.))

Third Person PoV~

Cami glimpsed to the side and saw her friend, Mystic. "Oh! I didn't see you coming; I just got my schedule, mind showing me around?" she replied, scratching the back on her neck awkwardly. Being new to school was pretty hard, considering she never went to school and was always home schooled. "Your parents can't be that bad, I suggest you take a nap during lunchtime in the library. Also,I guess I've gotten slightly anxious since we came into school." she added in quickly, her eyes brightening as she opened the locker. School was fascinating for her, considering she never went to one in her entire life.

"I don't mind at all! But, it'll be a little slow. YES, my parents are that bad, then my dad is drinking, its too much to handle. Which class do you have? If its Science, go that way, if its Math, go upstairs, if its gym, take a left, then straight, then make a righ-" Mystic loved to talk a lot so, she stopped talking and decided to actually show cami since they've been friends since children and knew she would want to Actually see it.

Cami laughed lightly, noticing that Mystic had started to rant. "I have History first, at least simething relatively interesting." she replied, her lips forming a small smile.

*Gasp* I was invited c:

Unless there's another awesomeness because in which case.... xD



Looking at the tall grey building, an immediate word popped into my head. Hell. Oh, yeah, and school too. I slink into the shadows, desperately wanting to be invisible, but instead, I have the gift of fire. The flipping gift of fire.

I half run half sprint to my locker, swing it open, dump my bag in, and try to dodge the hordes of girl decorating their lockers. I stick my face into my the sleek metal compartment and try to drown out the noise.Having synthesis there was too many too many sounds, and sounds means colors... toomany burning blonds and fiery reds. I. Was. Going. To. Combust.

I let small flames lick the tops of my jet black hair as I weave my way through the hallway, colors burning and etched into my brain.

(Woo, that was dramatic.... Rp's need to get a lot more active.... I was thinking about starting one on chatzy, but eh.....)

( Damn I am soooooooooooo late but , can I join?)

(May I join?)

(I'm not sure if you need to ask, I guess, just dive in xD)

i like the rule


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