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Hello All,

 I'm back and trying to sell the rest of my friend's MH items to help pay for her trip to the US. Keep in mind the prices in AU are more inflated than what we pay in the US. My friend's prices are pretty decent considering. :)

*But I have decided to sale some of my things as well. Please heave a look and let me know if anything interests you.

PAYPAL only. All prices do not include the Paypal fee & shipping. These 2 things I will quote you once you let me know exactly which items you'd like. I ship First Class fairly to save everyone $$
Yes, I will ship worldwide. ^_~

 Please check my 100%+  feedback here on the forum, eBay & Etsy and buy with confidence . I will try to ship out 2-3 times  a week.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you for looking!

These are my friend's items:
Dead Tired Ghoulia: $20

Skull Shores Ghoulia:$12

Dead Tired Draculaura (minus her DVD):$18

Skull shores Abbey:$12
SS Abbey in skates FP:$20
DOTD Clawdeen (one hand normal gloved the other hand clawd gloved with phone & art card not pictured): $40

Go Team Draculaura: $25

Werewolf sisters 2 pk Clawdeen: $15
Basic Operetta in FP:$20 SOLD
Schools Out Frankie x2 -1 with Diary one without (please specify if you want the diary) $40 each

Schools Out Cleo x2 -1 with Diary one without (please specify if you want the diary):$ 40 each

Schools Out Clawdeen with Diary: $40
SS Abbey outfit :$5

GB Draculaura $8

Day at the Maul Frankie (necklace not included, taken pic wrong with the rest of outfit) $10SOLD
My Items:
DOTD Clawdeen: $50
DOTD Cleo $40
DT Draculaura
SS B& W Frankie: $15
Basic Rochelle $30
Scaris Deuce: $25

Basic Howleen with Diary& Pet $25
TRU exclusive Ghoulia doll+accessories -no scooter:
Ghoulia Deluxe Fashion Pack: $14 SOLD

Top Row- Basic Howleen outfit +pet $12
DOTD Clawdeen complete outfit $15

2nd Row- Clawdeen School Club Entrepreneur complete outfit -No art card :$20

incomplete DOTD Clawdeen outfit no shoes, no tights, : $5

Bottom Row- Werewolf Sisters 2pk Clawdeen outfit complete $5SOLD
Top Row-Basic Robecca outfit shoes not pictured but are included+pet $12

Picture Day Draculaura complete outfit: $8 SOLD
Bottom Row: Dance Class Robecca -no shoes $5

Dead Tired W1 Draculaura outfit complete(mask needs repair, elastic was cut accidentally)  +card : $9

Top Row- DDG Operetta -no mask $10 SOLD

Basic Operetta  complete outfit +pet $14 SOLD

Bottom Row Dance Class Opertta -no shoes $5
Swim Class Venus complete outfit -$7

Top Row- Lab Partners 2pk Cleo complete outfit + 2 beakers/jars $ 10 SOLD

Picture Day Cleo outfit complete $8 SOLD

Bottom Row-Dead Tired Ghoulia outfit complete +art card $10

Scaris Ghoulia outfit & luggage-no shoes & no glasses $5SOLD

Scaris Deuce outfit -duffel bag includned not shown & no shoes $7

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Hi there,

England is no problem for shipping.  I will weigh your package and PM you the details.

Thank you :)

Very Despicable Me! said:

I am interested in Schools Out Frankie without the dairy and I live in England?


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