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Has anyone heard anything about these lines? Like when we’re supposed to get them? It’s been ages since we’ve had any new lines. 

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There's new stuff due (in general) in June, then another restock in about september. So if they don't hit in the June (which would be late spring assortment) they'll probably hit September, IF Mattel don't just can the whole line and finally give up. I mean, at this point nowhere seems to be bloody stocking mh anyway so if they are released they're likely to end up in one small store only or amazon or something and be a total pain to get a hold of anyway.

I dunno man, i'm not convinced we're gonna see much more any time soon. MH seems to be down to like 1 release a year.

But the big restocks from my understanding are Feb, June, September and then a christmas one around November to hit Black Friday in the US. The feb one was massively underwhelming across the board, a few things are scheduled to hit June (according to amazon but those are things like fashionistas and other barbie stuff and a few hasbro releases)

So who the heck knows? We had nothing at toyfair so I think they'll just randomly appear somewhere in small quantity if they appear at all.

They might be amazon only since no one else seems to be ordering mh.


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