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There are currently 7 two-packs at target on alpine road in Grand Rapids!

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What! Already!  Ugh, when will they get here. :)

I want one so bad! I live about three hours away but I was recommended by the Target down the street from my house to call there.... WHYYY???

Can I ask if there were any other dolls along with them? like SS or Basics or sweet 1600? I only ask because Target does not have the 2 pack on their site so I can't check the stocklists, if any of those were in stock we can assume they shipped together?

I only called. I didnt go....

I'm emailing my Mom!! :)

But I thought only Target got these dolls? Why would Mejiers have them?

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I went today and was able to pick up one. I called before I left (I live in Big Rapids) and they held one for me. I got there and they had about 7 more AFTER the one I got. Im so happy to have them. They are ADORABLE!!


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