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YAY! I Found it on the Facebook Official Monster High Page ;) She looks so Cutee <3

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Cute! Looks like a locker in the background, maybe....I wonder if it's a classroom pack!

ok she is way to cute! can't wait to see better pictures of her. love her hands.


OMG after I type this i will die because of her cuteness

I like her.. But I don't like her yellow skin. I wish it was the same skin tone as the one in Fright On!

:/ Not too sure I like her face mold.... But her hands are wicked;)

she's precious! i love her little backpack and her clothes are so cute! also, look at her hands, their different than usual, she could do the thriller dance. cant wait to buy!

she's so--------------PRETTAAY---this has been a me moment

Howleen is confirmed real by Mattel, and was posted by Monster High on the official Facebook page.  She may be a prototype, but she's not a custom.



its on monster highs facebook and mattel posted it personally i think garret sander runs Monster high's facebook  so ask him :P but she is DEFENITLEY NO DOUBT OFFICIAL

Operreta (offical) said:

It looks like a custom too me and its made out of draculara and lagoona hair im not tryin to be mean but shes scary cute 2


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