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hi, i'm new here, new to MH collecting in general, i really only started around february. my favorite is my green son porter who didn't come with a comb despite being pictured otherwise on amazon (is this normal????)

my instagram is here where i do a lot of doll photos, and my art blog is here where i sometimes draw MH characters. i'm dying for the boo york deuce to finally be made available to the general public. look at that stupid sweater. i love it. i'll take 20 please

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Hello! Welcome to MH dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

No comb with Porter...correct. Mine is the same way, was purchased from Target.

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Monster High Dolls! :) My Porter didn't  have a comb either, but I'm thankful for that. I've got a drawer full of those little combs! haha. I'm eager for that line, too! All we know is that it arrives "Fall 2015"... hard to wait!!

I see you go to art school! I'm a recent grad from Ringling. Here's my tumblr too :)


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