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I've seen a lot of people asking about this.

I am going to give step by step instructions on how I reroot my dolls hair. It works perfectly and will hold the hair in permanently. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! I will help in anyway I can. I'll take pictures when I do my next reroot for a better tutorial.


Make sure you have bought hair meant for dolls! Using hair extensions for humans will not work.

I buy my doll hair here:

I use about four bags of their hair on one doll (not much in each but it's cheap).

Ok, cut the hair as close to the head as you possible can. Take really hot water, as hot as you can stand, and dunk the doll head into the water. No this will not ruin the doll in any way (make sure you've removed the head from the body). I use an old crocheting needle for this next part. Take the needle and use it to scrape and pull the hair out through the neck hole. Typically there will be a ton of glue. This is why you need the hot water, to soften the glue. When pulling the hair out of a Ghoulia head there was literally no glue at all.

The first thing you want to do is fold the bundle in half and cut it down the middle. I recommend doing this no matter the length of your dolls hair because pulling the long strands through is more difficult and not worth the frustration. Now take a very small strand away from the main bundle, wet it down (the whole strand. It makes it way easier) and thread your needle. Make sure the needle you are using is long and thin! The thinner the better.

I tie a small knot around the top of the needle to hold it on so you don't lose it while pulling it through. Start on one side of the dolls hair in the front and pull the needle down through the neck hole. Untie the hair from the needle and tie a knot in the hair (make sure you pull it tight!). Now, grasp the strand at the top of the head and pull it until it wont come anymore (aka the knot has reached the inside of the hole).

Continue to do this working your way across and then back. There will be a section in the head that goes back in a line. This is the part of the hair. If you try to part it elsewhere it will look weird.

Once you are completely done rooting the hair take fabritac (can be bought at an craft store) and squeeze a good amount in through the neck hole. Us a q-tip to spread the glue around and let the glue dry for a few hours. I typically do this step before going to bed so it's done when I wake up in the morning.

Make sure that the glue is dry before reattaching the head! You can now style the hair without any problems.

Good products to use when styling the crazier hair styles (spikes etc.) I use Got2B spiking glue and hair spray. Try not to spray the face. If you get it on the face wash it off with warm water.


If you want instructions on layering, cutting or styling hair let me know. The same goes for repainting the face or body or creating/attaching other features (horns, hooves, ears).

Ask any questions here so that I'm not asked the same thing twice!! I hope this helps.


There are rerooting tools you can buy but I don't find them necessary.

Rerooting looks much better than wigs or dye jobs.

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A friend of mine actually does the horns and such but she's working on writing up an tutorial that I will posting here when she's done. I'll post a tutorial for wings as soon as I can!

drageta flame said:
hi ty u soooo much i also want to know if you can tell me how to make horns and wings oh and repaint! thank vary much!!
can you use thread for doll hair?
I don't know I've never tried that. you'd need to use quite a few strands of thread to make it thick enough though.

Gregory said:
can you use thread for doll hair?
thak you i have know  idea about making ocs and realy want to make one ( spisfically dani jones ) .
I plan to take pictures with the next rerooting I do. As far as I know none of the boys have rooted hair (maybe GB Jackson). The best I can tell you for the boys is to buy a wig and glue it on.

alicia shacklette said:
But  how do  you  the  men?  I'm working   on  oc for  my  boyfriend and i'm  using   clawd  for  his oc and   my  boyfriend  hate the  mowak  deal?   do you   have  visual of this . I'm  not so good understanding  it  verbally. I need a visual
I know this might have been asked before but how do you take the head off? Is it just a matter of pulling it off or is there a cleaver way to do it? Thanks:)
I dip the head in really hot water to soften it up first. Then you squeeze the sides of the face and pull. The little plastic bits within the neck may bend a bit but they'll bend back when you replace the head. I've had other tell me that they remove the neck piece all together but I wouldn't recommend doing that.

Littlemissanthrope said:
I know this might have been asked before but how do you take the head off? Is it just a matter of pulling it off or is there a cleaver way to do it? Thanks:)

I would love to see a "how to" tutorial should you ever decide to do one. I've only ever rooted dolls using a rooting tool with gauged needles, but this would probably work better for these dolls. I always understand better with pictures, lol.


Thanks again!

Thank you for this wonderful and clear tutorial. I have tutorials with PICTURES and this was much easier to follow.

Can't wait to put this to work once I get an actual doll~ has a little more hair for only $3.15 a hank ^^

anywho, nice tutorial btw :'D I usually use the other needle rooting method, been curious about trying this one~

This was immensely helpful! I wouldn't have been able to get all the glue out without the hot water trick. Thanks very much!

this is really helpful. I would love it if you did a tutorial about attaching things to your doll and cutting/ styling their hair. thank you.


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