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How to make a home-made re-root tool. Pictures included

I found a website with a tutorial of how to make your own re-root tool, but I forgot where I found it. I don't think anyone else has posted this on here so I figured I might as well make a how to. I apologize about the blurry pictures, my dog destroyed my camera and my mother's camera doesn't take good close-ups.

These are the items we will be using today to make our re-root tool: X-acto knife, sewing needle, and wire cutters.

Ignore the cross stitch needles. I still need to test to see if they work, they have a longer eye-hole so you can get more hair into it, but I don't know if they will actually fit into the holes in the dolls head.

First you will need to get yourself an X-acto knife.

Kids please get your parents permission before playing with knives.  The blade isn't the important part, we want the handle. So CAREFULLY take the blade out. Take a sewing needle out of the pack and get ready for the next step.

Stick the needle point first into the X-acto handle, and tighten until it stays.

Next you will need to get out your handy dandy notebook... I mean wire cutters.

With your wire cutters you are going to cut the eye of the needle at an angle so one side is longer than the other. This is important. 

Now as you can see, I couldn't get a good picture of the needle so I drew a crappy picture to show you what I mean.

Now you have your very own re-root tool. It actually does work, I have used it. Keep a couple sewing needles on hand, because I know I broke mine a couple times. Now all you need is the hair and you are ready to reroot. Thanks for looking and enjoy.

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how do you reroot?
The way I re-root I usually end up stabbing myself a few times. I couldn't get the hang of the right way to do it. It's hard to explain my technique.
I purposely went out and bought a utility knife set that cost me 16 bucks and the stupid handles wouldn't go tight enough to hold the needle i was so depressed.

Go on to they have an examle on how to reroot with a tool like this

This really helped and since is backed up on the orders for the rerooting tool I wanted to make my own. unfortunately the pack of needles I bought were all the same size hole, but different lengths, so I will be checking the packaging more closely now.

If those cross stitch needles are sz 7 or 8 they should be fine. I bought basting needles because of the long eye & they are sz 7. These are also the sz recommended by for these dolls.

if you are cutting the eye hole how do you attach hair the the needle?

Awesome tutorial here:

This is very easy to follow (but takes some practice) & uses a tool similar to the 1 described on here.

Julia Loves Ducks said:

if you are cutting the eye hole how do you attach hair the the needle?

Thank you for showing me the tutorial that makes a lot more sense now lol



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