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How to go green with Barbie, and other dolls, toys, and plastic products....for a better world


I live in the U.S. (California), and if you know me, you know that until more recently, I was the absolute last person who'd have considered going green. I fought the Green Movement like a royal pain in the butt, because I am a natural Materialist, but, recently, I have begun to become a true believer in Global Warming (It played a part in these now infamous outages, etc.), and in the danger that plastics pose to the wildlife (especially the creatures in our world's oceans).  :(

I hate the fact that I can't snack on something delish from the Health Food department without having to throw one more non-recyclable package away, or that our world's sea creatures have plastic in their stomachs....and just today, I found out that the local thrift stores aren't even taking plastic products anymore! Holy cow!  : O   : O   : O


So....I'm formulating a plan to at least save Barbie dolls (and other dolls) from landfills, and to re-purpose plastic dolls, so that kids and customizers can be environmentally responsible....and have fun at the same time.

If you'd like, you may follow the same, or a similar plan:

* Take fairly decent care of your Barbie dolls, and instruct your children to do the same.

* Don't throw away any Barbie doll that isn't degrading, in any way, plastic-wise.

* If you must give a Barbie doll away, attach a typed or hand-written note to the doll's wrist, a note which encourages the new owner to re-gift the doll when they don't want it anymore by sending it along....with the re-attached tag.

* Write notes for all re-gifted Barbie accessories, etc., that are made of plastic, so that they'll keep being re-gifted for a long time to come.

* If your thrift stores won't take plastic dolls, seek out people who will re-dress and sell them, or organizations that might give them to children. If need be, wash, dry, and re-dress the dolls, and see if you can donate them to a hospital or an orphanage, or to some other organization.

I think that if we can save Barbies from landfills today, and if we move away from plastics, in general, with regard to non-toy items, an entire generation might be able to thank us someday.  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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To go green, with regard to other plastic products:

* Recycle whenever you can.

* Wash out used Ziplock baggies, and re-use them.

* Try to buy items that are sold in recyclable packaging.

* Try to avoid unnecessary plastic items (You don't have to have as many plastic spoons as metal ones, etc.).

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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