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I'm currently re-rooting a forbitten love drac, and was wondering should I plug all the original holes??

It seems like it will take a ton of hair to do all the plugs, how much do you guys usually do?

I see alot of re-roots on ebay and they seem to only sell them for about $30, that seems like a pretty good deal if you fill all the holes with a lot of hair, SO I thought maybe they dont use as much hair as the original dolls.


What do you think/do?

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Also, for those that buy from dollyhair, how much hair do you usually buy to make a long haired doll?

I've done a few reroots, and all I can say is that it depends on the style you want and the thickness of the plugs. Rooting in each hole with smaller plugs tends to look nicer and allows more varied styling than using thicker plugs spaced less closely. There are exceptions, for example, If you want a ponytail that isn' t too bulky you might want to root every hole along the hairline, but leave the crown bald, or root more sparsely. The advantage of doing this is a nicer looking ponytail, but the disadvantage is that any other style will reveal the bald spot.

I have never used less than three hanks.  One hank would not reroot a doll.  I've done at least 10 and would recommend dollyhair, retrodolls or restore doll (my favorite)

I had to order a second hank of hair to finish my rooting job.  Not only do I have to finish a small bald patch on the back of her head, but she needs more plugs on the top and front.  So I'd definitely say 2 to 3 hanks will do it.  I get mine from dollyhair.


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