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Hi how many monster high dolls do you have

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Make that 19 MH dolls. Just Got Music Fest Venus on Friday and I am a happy camper. Thank goodness for Big Lots!

I've got around 50-60 dolls, but I've only been collecting since last December. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. D:

I currently have 11. All of which are Frankie's. I was going to collect her only (plus Holt and Jackson), but I want Elissabat, Catrine, and any others that I like a lot =^_^=


I have 4 Lagoona, 3 Abbey, 3 Operetta (1 is a duplicate dance class), 3 Frankie, 2 Spectra, 2 Clawdeen, 2 Cleo, 2 Ghoulia, 2 Robecca, 2 Venus, 1 Scarah, 1 Toralei, 1 Catty Noir, 1 Skeletia, 1 Rochelle, 1 Twyla (she's just adorable!), 1 Howleen, the 2 werecat twins, 1 Catrine, 1 Draculaura, 1 Gigi, 1 Deuce, and 1 Gil.

I've also got 4 complete CAM dolls, with various extra parts in a box.

I have the 3 pet plushies, and the Spectra ragdoll w/ pet. 

I also have an Operetta Picture day doll on it's way to me, and the two pack with Abbey and Heath (yay for MILs!).

So, in house I have 43, when I get my 3 in transit I'll have 46.

Oh, and my husband has Jinafire, because she's a dragon and he collects dragons, hehe =)

Just got a GNO Rochelle this weekend! That makes 20 Monster High dolls total!

Just added the following Ghouls to my MH Family:

*Clawdia Wolf

*Coffin Bean with Clawdeen Wolf

*Target Exclusive Dance Five-Pack: Rochelle, Robecca, Gil, Spectra & Lagoona

*Dead Tired: Robecca and Spectra

I have about 16 so far.

I'm probably going to get another 4-5 this Xmas season. :)

My 10yr old daughter has 48 dolls.  16 create a monsters, all but the color me creepy and the boys CAMs, and the originals of every doll that's come out except Gigi and Twyla (and of course not the new dolls yet)  I have Gigi and Twyla stashed up in my closet to give to her for Christmas.  

My 7 yr old has  18 dolls w/ 7 stashed away.  I am hoping to get Clawd/Draculara and Skelita to add to her list.  

I have the 3 Scarily Ever After dolls.  

For a grand total of 78 dolls.


Just added Elissabat to the family on Monday.

I've 30.

Basic: Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Abbey, Spectra, Operetta, Nefera, Toralei, Meowlody, Purrsephone, Howleen, Cupid, Rochelle, Venus, Robecca, Bloodgood and Catty.

School's Out: Lagoona and Cleo.

Scaris: Skelita, Jinafire, Catrine and Deuce.

13 Wishes: Twyla and Gigi.

I <3 Fashion: Scarah.

Skull Shores: Frankie (black and white).

Music Festival: Venus.

Sisters Pack: Clawdeen.


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