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Hi how many monster high dolls do you have

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I have 27.
5 Cleo's as she's my favorite.
And 4 each of draculaura and clawdeen- how I don't know really as i dont like either of them that much maybe I should trade them

Newest is scarah- finally!

I am going to purely speculate around 30.

I have 26 dolls, my amazing fiance just got me Catty today for my birthday!

I just started collecting recently so atm I only have 3 dolls.

Picture Day: Spectra Vondergeist

Ghouls Night Out: Rochelle Goyle

Scaris: Catrine DeMew

Technically? 33... a couple of those are ones I'm holding for trades, though.

We just started and there is 6 out on display and 8 hid away for christmas... I was lucky enough to find a few BIN on ebay and ended up catching a Cleo, ummm first wave MINT in BOX for $15 and a Cupid for $10. Then I snagged the TRU $10 deals and a couple off amazon's 40% sale. But my best one has been the Ghoulia Yelps 1st wave at a consignment store for $5. So the bargains is how i keep multiplying. Still trying to find a BOY!!!!

Me and my son have 110 total. Three of these are doubles in fashion-packs. Not counting cams.

I currently have 8 dolls. Basic Rochelle, basic Abbey, basic Ghoulia, scaris Skelita, scaris Catrine, 13w Twyla, GNO Rochelle, and PG Toralei. I'm unsure about getting an ILF Scarah.

I've got six, with one on the way- just won an auction this morning.

T O  be honest i have lost count my two daughters have a hundred plus between them with all beds cars bikes etc.loads of doubles inc beds . All dolls are being played with so no boxes lying about. and still lots in the loft ready for santa to drop off.

I currently have a total of 18 dolls. And one lonely EAH doll! What I have is:
Basic Rochelle
Scaris/Basic Catrine De Mew
DDG Oppretta
Scaris/basic Jenfire
Scaris Ghoulia
PD Draculaura
DDG Spectra
Basic Twyla
Sisterpack/basic Howleen
DDG Lagoona ((In Scaris fashion pack)
Basic Abbey ((gotten for retail at Target a few weeks back.))
Catty Noir
Scaris Rochelle
SRM Ghoulia ((hair has been cut and is in Sweet 1600 Lala's Leotard/skirt combo and PD Abbey's coat and boots))
Swim Class/Creepy Coast/Make a Splash Venus
PG Spectra
PD Abbey
And one Sweet 1600 Draculara in the process of becoming a custom.

That's all for now.. I really need to get my hands on a Venus in a real outfit and not swimwear but I haven't seen any around here.

I currently have 87 different MH Dolls. I have been collecting for a few years. The only set I did not collect is Dawn of the Dance. 



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