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Don't list WHO you have, just post the number of dolls you have as of right now. 

I have 30

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I have 3 :'D (Cleo De Nile,Ghoulia and Dracilaura) But im gettin' Lagoona Blue so 4 Tee Hee! Lolz

Including the three new ones I got today I have 53. I don't display the two guys I have so for display that would be 51. 5 are CAMs.

Also seperately from those I have 1 plushie..Abbey :)

I have 18, but I know there are more waiting under the Christmas tree^.^

My daughter has 8 so far. For Christmas she's getting D/C set, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Toralei, Spectra and Gil.  So, 15 total, and my other daughter has 2 plushies and will get the other 7 for Christmas.  

I have 4 but i want more :(

2 but I might get more soon

Just got #38 today. Toralei at Walmart. The only doll they had in the whole store, buried under a bunch of MH wigs, etc. The place was a total mess, but atleast I found her!
8 regular dolls
2 CAM sets
2 CAM Add-ons

55 at current count

does not include: plushie Abbey

I would really love to add Cupid, Nefera and Operetta to this collection!

76 and counting :D


not a cat said:

76 and counting :D


Aki Cross, the ninja said:


not a cat said:

76 and counting :D


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