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Don't list WHO you have, just post the number of dolls you have as of right now. 

I have 30

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I currently have 33 with 1 extra DotD Clawdeen :)
22, but trust me once Wave 4 comes I'll have more (Toralei, Nefera, Operetta, Skeleton Make Your Own Monster)
ohmigosh! friday was my birthday, and now i have 12!! squee!! (i used to have 4. and it was the gloom beach 5 pack, cleo and deuce, and frankie wave 2. and i bought the frankie myself. so it's not like i got them all INDIVIDUALLY)
i have none :(
6 for now.I`m planning on getting basic wave 1 Frankie to complete my basics collection.I buy all my dolls myself.

I have, um, 5? 8D And I'm not interested in any more.


Girmanda said:

Well, I have about 32 in hand, and as of last night 9 more on the way...  LOL!  Addition addiction is my biggest problem!  : )


39 + 1 extra basic Frankie with a hip replacement
I have 7.
Some of you guy's sound like hoarders.....But who am I kidding I have like about 30 dolls as well *LOL*


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