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Don't list WHO you have, just post the number of dolls you have as of right now. 

I have 30

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I actually found my daughter the hydration station tonight at TRU. I think that puts "our" collection somewhere around 43 dolls. We don't have the CAMs.

i have 21...

26 as of 7th April 2012

I have six monster high dolls but my friend will give me one more. . . Hopefuly

I just got my SS Frankie in the mail yesterday. That makes 12

I counted last night - 45, plus the Roadster, Vanity, Frankie's Bed, Lala's Coffin, and Clawdeen's Room.
7 of those will stay in box and be mine +2 that are open.
17 of those (GB, DT, and SS) will be opened and generously donate their clothing and accessories for the basics that will be played with, then the nakie dolls will be customized or sold
14 will be opened and played with when my daughter is old enough to play with them properly.
4 are already opened and being played with
1 is currently being customized

im getting werecats tomorrow, so accually 23

...Hi. My name is Meagan and I'm a Monster High addict.

I have 61 dolls. At this point it's easier to say which ones I don't have.

I don't have any of the CAM sets nor any customs.

I'm missing the 2011 Lagoona Blue, the Comic Con releases, and Jackson Jekyll basic.

I've preordered the Ghouls Rule Draculaura and Frankie Stein, but I don't count them since they're not in hand or on their way.

I was so surprised to find Rochelle Goyle today! Now I got 44!



I have nine, but I might get a tenth today, if I'm lucky. 


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