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I've been wondering for how many years will the Monster High franchise stay alive. Bratz doesn't seem to be a very popular doll line any more and yet it's still around after more than ten years. Monster High is a pretty young line, it's only been around so far for ~two years and it's super popular- for now.




Will the crazy popularity of Monster High burn people out eventually, leading it to fizzle away like Bratz or will it span generations like Mattel's own Barbies?




Monster High are the coolest play-friendly, display-friendly dolls I've ever seen, I would have loved to have had them as a kid instead of my generic and lifeless Barbies. I'm excited to see how they keep progressing and I'm very curious to see what others think on the matter of their longevity.

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Well, it's up to us to keep them alive.

I think they will have a long span, but I don't know about forever like Barbie. On the one hand, they are super popular and are never in stock. People loving hunting them down, and then when you do find them, it's like the treasure at the end of the rainbow. However, if they remain hard to find for too long, the kids may get tired of being patient and will be burnt out on it. Parents are not going to pay the heaps of money some of them go for, except maybe during the Holidays and birthdays.Only adult collectors even consider buying them so high, but that's to be expected.They seriously need to step up production, or I could see this happening within the next 2-3 years.

On the other hand, if they clear up that problem quickly, and keep it fun, I could see it continuing on for several years, like the Bratz have. The longevity Barbie has enjoyed, is due to her ability to be any woman, capable of any task. She can be a bride, an astronaut, a chef, a princess, a goddess, a skater, a pop star...ect. With Monster High, eventually they will run out of Monster ideas. Unless they dig up backwater cryptids like Bigfoot to model a doll off of or really off the wall Monsters like Cthulhu, the Kraken, ect. And I think they'd have to work pretty hard to make the Kraken look good as a teenage female doll.

The only way I could see them expanding it into the future would be to have the girls grow up. Maybe make them Nefera's height and age at some point. Maybe make a new show after Monster High is finished, like say, after they graduate high school, and call it "Monster University" shorten it to Monster U. I'd love for that to happen personally, but that's a long shot. There are still a lot of kinks these people need to fix first, like the issues with the stands being made crappy, or not being with the dolls at all, higher production rates, ect. Because this may burn out adult collectors as well as kids.

i'm just going for the 'We'll just wait and see' approach. I don't have a Crystal ball. Who knows, maybe it will be over next year. Maybe I'll be buying dolls for my grand-niece's birthday. I just want to enjoy the ride without thinking about the end.

Besides, they finally made a Basic Jackson Doll. As soon as I get my paws on that one, the whole thing can collapse for all I care. Add Ghouls Rule Clawdeen and Venus to that.

While I can't see the line lasting for a very long time, I can see several more years ahead of us. Eventually they will run out of ideas and the line will fade away like My Scene and Bratz and all the others (sorry, imo Bratz is about to die any moment, it's running on serious life support atm)

Maybe we'll get a nice decade out of it, but I can't see it lasting 50 or 60 years like Barbie, or even the 40 years Sindy managed. Unlike Barbie who's the world's chameleon, MH is a bit of an odd hit and a somewhat liming premise. Not that it isn't awesome, but like most fad toys, I can't picture them around in sayy, 10 years.

But who knows, the market is a funny place. Who'd have thought Baby Sister Kelly would have taken off like she did? She's almost as popular as her big sister!

I'd like to see a lot more of mh but honestly? It'll be sad to see it fizzle out iike so many other doll lines. I hope it just goes away one day, instead of limping on and getting worse and worse. but with any luck that's a long way off, heh.


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