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I want the Frights, Camera, Action! Operetta, but I'm currently not in the position to simply run out and buy her.  I mean, I could, but I want to see if her price will go down on Amazon, or until a time when I have a bit more play money.  I know she is a Walmart Exclusive, though, so unlike other dolls her availability is limited.  Do you think waiting is safe?  It might be a month or two before I can get myself to a Wal-Mart (in college, no easy transportation).  I just don't want to end up in a situation where I can't get her without paying a billion dollars :P


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Well shes quite popular, I doubt she'll sit on the shelf for a looong time like Catrine. Because my Walmart is STILL selling Catrines. But I also don't expect she'll be worth alot. Catrines price never went down, she is still 19.99, so Operetta will most likely still be the same price later on. Doubt she will ever go on sale. But I bought her when I first saw her at my Walmart & I really think she is worth the price. She makes a lovely addition to the collection.  :)

Thank you!  That is what I wanted to know.  Having struggled to find certain dolls at reasonable prices in the past, I fear missing out and having to go through it again, kicking myself since I had a chance to avoid it.

Yeah, don't worry.  My Walmart hasn't even got her in at all yet.  Still waiting on mine to get her.  I was surprised yesterday when I went there and found Slo Mo.  I never would have thought, I'd find him before FCA Operetta.

She will be on the shelf until the next Walmart Exclusive is annouced and arrives as all exclusives use the same code so the next doll will replace Operetta.


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