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Hi guys im back with the story about abby so i was taking a trip to alaska to see my cuz and i was sitting inside alone then i heard roring so i whent out side to see what it was.Then i saw abby i screamed my head off.Shhhhhhhhhhh its ok abby replied.i stoped screaming and said ok well im huggy so imma get a tacco k? i said huggrley.Ok replied abby...........5 mins later.........yummmmm i said happley.Can i have a tacco? asked abby.Sure i replied...............5 mins later...........done i said.Yay! abby yelled.The next day...well abby i have to go home now i will see you next summer said.Ok abby said sadley.And well thats my story and im gonna make another one about how i ment drackelara pleace only good and nice comments

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Here's a nice thing to say.

Again, I'll offer myself as a Beta-Reader.

Okay, obviously you don't know what "constructive criticism" is.
Drageta Flame(Girmanda) said:
And encase you didn't notice i said "only good and nice comments" so you guys should not be talking smack about grammar when clearly you don't even know how to read...

One thing I consider.

If you can't spell their names, you ain't a true fan.

You want me installed on your computer? Nice compliment, but I'm not that kinda girl.
Like someone else said and I have been saying for awhile now, do you even know what cunstuctive critisism is?  Maybe you shouldn't be on this site.

Drageta Flame(Girmanda) said:
Wow can you people EVER say any thing nice? All you do is point out what they did wrong..... get a life! I liked the story!
I'm just trying to help her.  Hr story is really good but is just hard to read with out the proper outline.  It's about time that people learn that not everyone is going to like your work.  Not everyone likes my work.  Not everyone likes her work.  Yeah it hurts when someone says something like that but usually yo're supposed to remember it so you don't make the same mistake again.  There's a difference between critisism and constructive critisism.  Most people are just coming in here and pointing out her mistakes not saying anything about how creative she is.  About a fouth of the people are just pointing aou the things they like.  Only about one eight of the people are saying stuff like, "It sounds really good but could use some work."  I admit I was a little mean and I apologize but when your nine years old and you don't know what quotation marks are, you might need a little constructive critisism.
If I wrote a story like this and people were giving me helpful TIPS, I would appreciate it. I wouldn't cry and beg people to show mercy.

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

You know, all you have to do is look at the title and what little bits of this story can be read from the forum to know what you are going to see when you click on a discussion like this and enter in. You'll know before you even click on the topic whether you are going to see something you will be able to appreciate or not. You'll know whether you are going to be tempted to make negative comments or not.

For all of you offering your "constructive criticism," why did you even bother entering this discussion...reading this story? Why didn't you just leave well enough alone?

Did you think the obviously very young author here was going to say, "Oh, thanks so much for the tips about punctuation, spelling, grammar, and everything, guys! You're so helpful and generous! Thanks for making me a better writer!"

Hm? Did you? Did you really? 

You know the thing about constructive criticism that so many people fail to consider before opening their mouths and spilling it is whether they have a receptive audience - whether their input is even wanted or requested. You can give the most carefully worded and thoughtful constructive criticism you want, and if the person didn't ask for it and didn't want it it's still bad manners. It's rude.

Since you constructive critics are so good at giving advice, let's see how good you are at taking it. My advice to you is first to ask the person whether they'd like a suggestion that would improve their writing. If they accept your offer than you're in. Otherwise, I'm sorry, it's rude, and you should keep your comment to yourself.


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