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I am trying to take off the head of an Abbey doll and put on a CAM pack head on her, but Im worried that I will break her, like the other dolls I attempted to take the head off. :/ Please help me, I don't want to break dolls anymore :/

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Stick the doll's head in near boiling water first to soften the plastic then slowly work it off over the post in the head.  I just decapitated a Draculaura and a Ghoulia earlier today for use with the CaM vampire and werewolf heads and that is how I did it.  The key is to work slowly and not pull too hard.

pull straight off dont bend and twist it. i ran mind under hot water and pop.

I personally place the doll infront of my space heater or a blow dried and once the plastic is warm and easily malleable I slowly and carefully manipulate the doll's head off.

Thanks Guys! I will use your ideas tomorrow, I will tell you how it works out :)

I know this post is old, but I have the same problem and it's not working for me. I'm terrified of the neck breaking. The green joint of the neck even got a little white from the twisting and pulling.

I squeeze de doll's head in order to "see" a little inside and help me out but nothing. I'm too scared to break it.


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