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I'm sure this is a thread already but I figure I'd start a fresh one so I can read everyone's response as it comes.


Recently I decided to take a new approach on collecting my dolls, nothing drastic but different. When I started collecting Monster High, I was the collector that needed it ALL and by all I meant all the dolls and what I referred to as their "things" (beds, cars, etc.), I even had dolls from certain collections I wasn't fond of or "things" I could do without.  I literally had every line and every one of their "things" up until the Wave 3 release. My room was becoming a Monster High museum and I was running out of shelf space.


I decided that from now on I would ONLY 100% stay up to date on "basics" or the first version of a doll and ONLY collect the dolls I truly loved (ss lagoona, so clawdeen, lagoona, favorite fashion packs) or the one time release dolls within a line  (Gil, Cupid, Clawd in SO forbitten combo)  I figured it would help with moderation and give my wallet a break.


I'm holding on the to my complete 1600 and classroom because they have sentimental value because I got them on my birthday Draculaura and I shared birthday parties on her Sweet 1600! :)


So anyway, I'm interested to know how you collect? Are you an everything person? Are you a certain lines person? Are you a one character person? Do you buy in mass like entertainment earth? Do you just collect what you can get? Do you only trade? 

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I am super obsessive so once I start collecting something, I have to have them all. When the line started out I bought them all and kept them mint in box, but then I saw a few of my other collector friends taking pictures with them, so I had to buy a second to de-box. Up until last fall, I bought two of each, but the line started getting so big that I got frustrated and almost gave up collecting MH all together. Finally I came to the realization that I wasn't planning on selling them, so why not just buy one and de-box if for display. So I still collect everything, but just buy one of each...unless I really like the doll haha. I was hesitant with the playsets and cars, but decided they are part of the story, so I picked them up. I just did get into the CAM's now that they have two torsos. I don't really collect any of the other MH items. I have the rag dolls and the first toys that came out with the line (electrocuties, creeptastic charms, foturne skulls, fearbook).

I collect which ones I love. I too shared my 16th birthday with Draculaura's Sweet 1600 :) It means that the dolls mean more to me than just collecting the next big collection! xx


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