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If you are looking at two dolls of the exact same do you choose them based on personality or which ever is the most perfect. Have you ever bought a second doll because you liked the looks of him or her  even you already had one at home. Do you bond well with your dolls or does it take time to form a bond. When you find a new doll do you buy right away or do you wait for stock to pile up.

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I took all the boxes of the same doll, and then the selection begins. The hair need to be 90 to 100% right , check for wonky eyes,Clothes  in good state. ?It is everything in the box? (accessories-stand ...) Are those accessories painted in a good way? (Shoes, purses even the doll) the box does not care to much. Thats the way i do  it :)

In this order: Outfit, Any Special Features, Character I Do Not Have Yet, Price, Packaging

If there are at least 2 of that doll, I will look at the first 2 I pick up. I look at the eyes, lips and other makeup aspects. I scan the visible limbs for any wonky looking seams or cracking. I look at the outfits and which one looks less flawed. I hang on to the good one and move to the next one. Same thing. Ultimately it's whichever one looks best out of what's available. I haven't not bought a doll just because it looked off, though.

I go for dolls overall look. Are they cute? Outfits, color, hair, and makeup. I don't care much for personality. I only collect girls, otherwise, I'd make a point never to pick up Holt who's personality I dislike. I like pretty much all the girls. Maybe some more than others. I love Draculaura, though I haven't liked much of her dolls lately.

I am totally anal about my dolls being perfect. Often there isn't but one and if I want it at all I have to get it, but if I have a choice? I will check every single doll for perfect makeup and hair until I get the one I think is the best one. The woman who does that section at our local Target just laughs when I come in. She's seen me go through every single doll on the shelves before I choose which ones I will buy. First time she laughed and said "Picky much?" and I laughed too but I am admittedly a total perfectionist when it comes to my dolls. I will settle for less than perfect if I can make it better, fix the hair or face paint, but if a doll is seriously messed up and I can't? It goes back on the shelf no matter who it is.


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