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When i was a kid i got 2 dolls over £15 dolls at the most for birthdays and christmas and maybe the random under £5 doll when on holiday.


I see lots of videos on youtube of mainly american tweenagers with the full set even spares to put the outfits on even every vehicle and name they've got it.


these dolls arn't cheap,they must be getting a monster high thing every week, or worse every few days, no kid deserves that much praise!!!!.


there parents must be either rich,taking out a loan.....or shoplifting.














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I watch these YouTubers too and yeah its crazy. I guess they're just really spoiled or they earned it....leaning towards spoiled XD But then again a lot of these well known YouTubers get paid by YouTube if they're well known/liked by a lot of people. Also I know some YouTubers who get sponsored to do reviews, etc.

depending on their views on Youtube, they could be making lots of money, which they use to buy the dolls.

just think, if you are making even a few hundred dollars extra a month, you would use it to buy all the newest dolls because that's what gets viewers attention. Many youtubers do frequent reviews, that's what I watch, that way I can decide if I want to purchase something or my guess is this is where at least some of their money is coming from.

not necessarily

most Toy Youtubers get sponsored, some toy companies send them toys for free, and they get ad revenue

I work hard and I play hard. I'm 28 and have about 100 dolls...I'd say I buy at least two a week. Just depends.

I think it just depends. Lots of people out there have many different situations. Too quick to assume on a not so serious of a topic. If you find it annoying don't watch.


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