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Im buying a CAM Triclops pack, but i really want the torso colour to match, so im gonna buy an Abbey to use her torso. Ive seen people use the Skeleton pack on a Ghoulia torso, for example, and i was wondering how to get Abbeys head off. Thanks :)

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Is it an abbey from china or indonesia?

There are two ways I know of, both are pretty much the same after the first step. You'll need to warm up your doll's head/neck, some people choose to do with with warm water while others have used hair dryers or other such devices, personally I sit mine infront of the vent of my space heater for a few seconds (I read somewhere that a young lady lived in an area so warm all she had to do was leave the doll out in the sun for a period of time, so basically whichever you're most comfortable with).

A tutorial with pictures of someone removing the doll's head/hair via warm water method:

As I said, it's all pretty much the same thing after you find a way to heat up your doll's head. Just cautiously wiggle and work the doll's head off, and be careful not to snap the neck peg or the anchors.

I suggest practicing on some not very expensive dolls before trying anything out on Abbey. c:


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