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I know a lot of people dislike G2 (and believe me it has its major flaws) but Shriek Wrecked was such a detailed, classic line. They had socks, majorly detailed shoes and clothing (layered!) AND came with pets. It truly stood up to G1 in every way. Rochelle, Lagoona and Draculaura were especially detailed and high budget. Anyone else partial to this line? If Mattel would make another line that detailed and high-budget looking again, G2 wouldn't be so bad at all. But it's like they did Shriek Wrecked as the first line and said "oh man, we can't afford this anymore" and never did it again.

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the outfits were goooood. Just not so keen on the molded gloves but g1 had the same problem, long molded gloves look wwwiiiiierd to me.

I always kinda wanted Rochelle because her design was such a "throw everything at this and see what sticks" sort of deal lol, but somehow it worked.

Sadly they were and still are insanely expensive over here, and still no stands (g1 stopped doing stands too, I miss stands)

another really nice reboot line was Ghouls Beast Pet. Again we didn't get it here but the outfits, though budget, were really nice and the dolls themselves were fully articulated and everything a budget mh line SHOULD be. Lagoona's stunning, as is Cleo and Drac had a vampire poodle which is HILARIOUS.

Ghouls Beast Pet was awesome too! And I LOVE Shriek Wrecked Rochelle. The sinking ship by the Kraken theme was just sooo cool. Her head piece is nothing short of amazing.

I think Dance The Fright Away was a very solid line in terms of quality and outfits.

another line we didn't get! I imported my two gbp dolls (never could find drac and frankie for a price I was willing to pay) but the dance line was like.. walmart or something? So we didn't get it and there was no ability to online order. *sigh*

I was curious about the new boy body, though Clawd's probably the better one to have the buffer bod. Shame they can't fit their old clothing though.

With shriek wrecked I was disappointed by Gil. He looks so much like any other Gil release. I ended up selling mine because he just wasn't unique enough. I love Gil, he's beautiful, but the boys often have the problem that they all look very much the same.

Shriek Wrecked was really good, Draculaura and Rochelle stole the show for me, I really like Drac's 1950's Sailor look with the short curly hair and her outfit super cute, it was refreshing to see a Draculaura doll with a different hair style and look.

Other than the molded gloves, which aren't too crippling, the price was the big problem for me. But I agree that it's a very high quality line, especially the three deluxe girls. I'm kind of sad I never got Catrine.

You're right - if they did make a high quality line or two in each season, it would throw a bone for us collectors, but Electrified lacks on quality and Garden Ghouls isn't even worth mentioning in the same sentence as Shriek Wrecked.

its funny, I didnt care for it that much at first, it was okay. Then the other day I was looking at them at Target, they were all on clearance there, and I realized that the designs on the outfits were based on old school tattoo art. Thats pretty cool and I always did like the detailed accessories, the head pieces and boots/shoes. I ended up buying a Catrine for 7 bucks. So yeah I agree it was a pretty cool line, although Dayna is still awful, lol.

same my local store has a bunch of shriek wrecked and they look really nice.

Dayna makes me sad because she COULD have been cool. Daughter of Davy Jones? Potential! but they squandered it with a character who looked more suited to EAH and had nothing creepy about her and was just gimmicktastic.

Huge shame.

Except Moanica, it seems every new character is better suited for EAH. Especially Treesa.

Dayna should've been semi-transparent like the Getting Ghostly line, since Davey Jones is a ghost of sorts. She also should've have the Kraken/stormy ocean theme with her treasure theme since he's a ruler of the 7 seas.

I'd be elated for them to do a daughter (or son!) of the Sea Witch. She's a monstrous legend in all sorts of tales from Ursula to Calipso.

I think it was purple_monkfish who previously said that it would have been cool if there had been a wooden ship's figurehead character in the Shriekwrecked line.  I didn't care for Dayna at all and the figurehead idea has haunted me ever since!  I wish there had been another wave.  I would've even taken some mermaids or sea creatures so that the horror of Great Scarrier Reef would be eclipsed by this line.

serioulsy... so many ways they could have done her: ghost, ship figurehead, kraken girl, seaweed covered skeleton, even a chimera made up of different sea creatures...but no, the best Mattel could come up with was... some gold colored girl with constellations on her legs/body? Bleh.

Dayna is cute. She would have made a nice background character. I think she's pretty. However, I think all of your (mechagirl) ideas are infinitely more interesting and true to Monster High's once awesome, unique, INTERESTING concept. None of the new stuff is INTERESTING or makes me care about the characters at all...if we can even call them characters, since they lack...character, or know, anything that would make me care at all or become somewhat emotionally involved. Thanks for stripping away nearly every single appealing aspect of your product offerings, you idiots over at Mattel. Thanks alot. I am really enjoying retaining the money I would have spent on Monster High if you bothered making a quality product with heart and soul and art anymore. Ha ha! Your loss! I just wish I wasn't so sad about this whole tragic mismanagement of your best doll line ever :( Thanks for ruining one of the things I really enjoyed and looked forward to the most.


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