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My Honey Swamp Repaint
Hand-made clothes, frog pet named Ribbert, and Hand-painted crocodile heels!

She's up for grabs, part of my Year End Doll Sale (Only until the 26th)
More pics, or purchase her here

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I love the dress!  Beautiful!

aaaaw, she looks so cute!  <3

Thank you!! The bodice was tough to figure out, but I love it :)

SymphonicEnkelli said:

I love the dress!  Beautiful!

Me toooo! His little head tilts and he looks like hes looking up at her. :3

AdVick89 said:

Love the little frog! How fricken cute is it?

I did!! They were a lot of fun, though pretty time consuming haha Those little teeth are so tiny! The colour is my fave though, its a gasoline spill kind of paint that changes from black to blue to green as you turn it in the light. It was so glossy, it also made them look wet -unexpected but I didn't mind :)

AdVick89 said:

I truly love those shoes as well! Did you paint them?

I got it a long time ago from Deserres, but recently I found Interference acrylic paints from Curry's that is a gloss layer, adding a shine of colour to whatever you put it on. They had blue and yellow :) I added it to a CAM bee's wings and it was gorgeous.

AdVick89 said:

That paint sounds awesome! Where do you purchase it at?

She's gorgeous! Honey is such a unique doll.

Nice.  Great job.

Beautiful! I really adore this outfit on her, suits her so well!


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