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I'm just gonna come out and say it.

Frankie is ridiculously attractive as a mad scientist. I think it's the lab coat and the accent.

Best episode ever. Frankie's voice actress deserves an award for her performance in this one.

Thanks for posting this! x

is it just me or does she sound a hell of a lot like Cleo in this one??? x

Hopping skulls in a bowling alley, Frankie! Haven't you learned anything from HooDude? You can't just go around making simulacra! Your parents prepared for years to be able to give their child the best life possible.

But really, I loved this episode. Frankie's irresponsible/naive side is charming and nicely elaborates her ever-kind persona. I see she's also gotten an attitude since her previous lab experience. It made me laugh (the not-blood scenes were rather... disturbing though. In a good way. :))

Nice to finally see Kindergrubber in the webisodes, even if it was so shortly. Here's to hoping we'll be seeing Mummy sometime soon too (and Verizhe). Loved the gingerbread boy too - didn't expect him to have such a heavy voice. 

After watching it, I have only a few words: My brain is full of fu**.


weird ep.

... hmmm that was kinda weird...

I love it! I saw it in Portugese (I think that was the language) a few weeks ago, and I was really confused, but it's actually weirder in English.

Three words: BEST. WEBISODE. EVER! 

It is kind of creepy and very interesting! Such a nice change from teenage drama and cheerleading :D I'd love to see more like this! :D (I, too, have seen it in Spanish about a month or so ago, but it's even better in English, since I can actually understand what is going on XD)

Haha, this was a creepy episode, but I liked Jackson in it. :') and the gingerbread man was so cool. 

Well doesn't Frankie usually go all "mad scientist" when she experiments? I liked this webisode even if it was a wee bit over dramatic, but hey, since when are mad scientists not mad? 

1. What does this have to do with the topic

2. Reasons for opinions, please.

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