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I tried searching but couldn't find anything - does anyone have comparison shots between wave 1 and the re-release of Holt Hyde? From what I think I see his hair changed to be less red and more yellow/orange on top, but I can't tell. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Other than the packaging change, I believe any deco changes were very mild if at all noticeable, and may just be contributed to slight difference from batch to batch at the factory. If I'm not mistaken the most obvious difference was the paint application on the lips - a dark lip on the original / unpainted lips on the reissue.

The first batch was from Indonesia, and the second from China, so yeah, it's factory differences.

Just a note:  Original Holt DOES have painted lips...they are just a color that is almost identical to his skin color.  It was made darker on the China doll, giving him a sort of a 'lipstick' look.


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