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Hi guys! In February next year, Holt and Jackson are going to be back in TRU in the UK! Yay! So happy!

P.S. I know that I've already posted this but I can't find it so I'd thought I'd post it again in case no one saw it. :)

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Don't get your hopes up people!  TRU Australia had the same advertising last year ... everyone got super excited and then they didn't show up!

UK only OH COME ON! why can't mattel re-release them  in the USA too?

when will people stop believing this??? site bugs, old stock info or re-used product numbers make more common sense than mattel's decision to re-release stuff they discontinued years ago. They are putting out tens of new lines in 2013-2014, they can and will make money off the new stuff, there's no interest in Mattel helping everyone in getting a complete collection, in fact if some items are more HTF than other it's all mattel publicity. The more you want them the more MH will be successful, the more they're going to keep you wanting them!

Just because Jackson and Holt are old assortments doesn't mean they may or may not re release them. If Holt and Jackson are still in high demand, why wouldn't Mattel re release them? Why did they wait so long to re release Wave 1 Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura? Because they were still in high demand and everyone still wanted them and many still do. So it may very well be possible that Jackson and Holt get re released. Time will tell if this is fact or fiction, and if they get re released in the US.

Fingers crossed, guys!

Snowflake said:
People have been able to call and preorder. Someone I know has done it, as they had planned a trip to England around this type period. I know sites (like Kmart) make mistakes...I'm hopefully this is true.

bit of of a expensive trip just for a doll havn't they heard of import lol

It's not that Mattel wouldn't or SHOULDN'T re-release them, it's just that - WE know what the Spring 2014 Lines are... which have already mostly hit stores, with the exception of the Operetta exclusive and the secret critters/creeps... and these "re-releases" are not anywhere in the line-up of actual releases.There wasn't an Original Favorites Wave 2 assortment. And February is probably too soon for Fall 2014 lines to pop up, those won't be till May or so.

TRU UK just replied on facebook that they have no information on this. There's no stock coming in for these two dolls for months to come, and they've been also advertised for months so people, stop getting your hopes us. These are not coming...

Must be a replicated number causing it to pop up on their online system. Which has always been my theory. That another doll is using the code used for holt and jackson on Tru's database. but that could be ANY doll.

As someone who WORKS at TRU I can tell you this isn't true. PD dolls have the same number as most basic dolls we had people coming in looking for basic frankie and nefera because on our website it says we have them in stock but we don't ,we have PD In stock. As my general and district managers keep telling me TRUs website needs a SERIOUS upgrade because their system is so flawed. They will not be rereleased and I would NOT take that stock date any more serious than I'd take drinking water.


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