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So I thought it would be fun to share what kinds of gifts you would like to receive if someone were going to get you some for the holidays! I'm also just looking for extra fun ideas for the people in my life :P

Can be doll related but doesn't have to be!

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I don't tend to get much for christmas because adulting sucks.

I'm honestly hoping I get some cash.

Inlaws gave us a cheque but husband won't let me open it to find out how much for "till christmas" because he's lame like that.

I think it's meant to be for the kids as well but they have so many toys so we'll probably take a percentage each for their savings and then split the remainder between the two of us. Because GROWN UPS hah.

But what do I want money for?

well. the wishlist... for the whole of 2017 so far:

Monster high - Okay I don't actually want much MH because the reboot is so disappointing in so many ways. IF that party ghoul Abbey or whatever she is actually looks like her promo, then i'll want her but given Electrified Clawdeen lost her funky makeup in production, i'm not overly optimistic. I suspect she'll end up with pink lips and no eyemakeup because dark and gothy is too good for us huh?


Honestly i'm gonna be real surprised if she looks like that in production now.

I dared to hope. Mattel threw a bone, then they took it away. I'm sad.

But mh stuff. I want that music class Cleo. Yes she's on an unarticulated body, but she's otherwise freaking gorgeous. I want her, and another cheap cleo to rebody her head onto so she can move her arms.

I want that 2 pack Nefera that comes with Amanita, but I don't want Amanita.

I want dance the fright away Deuce's BODY to stick a g1 head onto.


New fashionistas yessss. their bodies can't pose like.. at all, but i still like em for their diversity. There's one with half moulded on cornrows, want her.

Want the moulded afro black boy too.

MTM Skater girl

I'm sure there will be others...


Sad to see Bratz gone, again. But there's still a couple of stragglers i'd like. Music Festival Jade for instance. And Instapets, i want those bodies. Not the heads, just the bodies lol. They're too expensive to buy for body donors right now though. Hoping they go on clearance.

other fashion dolls:

I wouldn't mind a Star Darling, Scarlett I think her name is. but I can't justify it.

I also want a Moana doll, the disney store one. I don't usually like disney dolls but she's a polynesian doll and she's got a wildly characterful face and being a kiwi, Maui and all that is stuff I grew up with. I'm kinda nervous to watch the movie because of that. I mean I grew up with stories about Maui (who's such a douche omg) and all that mythology. heck, I went to school with a girl named Aroha Moana lol.

Other dollies

now here's the real reason I need money.


Yes, i've taken that plunge and my first two are paid for and one has already arrived.

But I am already addicted. I have a D&D party planned, which means dolls, wigs, eyes, fantasy outfits, weaponry. It's gonna cost a bit and take time to get together.

Here's the list:

Resinsoul Ming - He's a faun, he has hooves. Eeee.

Hujoo Matthew

Impldoll Trista - She's a deer-taur, she's amazing.

I also would love:

Resinsoul Rong (love her face)

More Resinsoul dolls in general.

Bobobie boy Ariel in green

Souldoll Soulkid Joelle (he looks just like one of my ocs omg)

Souldoll vito Lester (also looks like an oc of mine, NEED)

Doll Chateau Xaviera (I actually just want her body, I missed her order period and she was like £400 which is obscene but daaaamn she's cool)

Doll Chateau Elisabeth (I have a thing for spiders okay? I prefer Xav's body because there's 8 legs not 6, but Elisabeth is 1/4 scale so larger, and weirdly cheaper. )

And i'd like Pullip Amarri

my Taeyang is lonely.

MSD 1:4 scale weapons, armor, medieval stuff.

Man, 2017 is gonna be an expensive year.

I need to get a job.

I *also* want that cleo head and deuce body! Though not necessarily for Christmas lol


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